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GM - Possible Underage and Bad RP


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Server and location: S2 & Green Mountain

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 1AM (Approximately)

Daytime or Night-time: Night

Your in game name: Kyle Abbas

Names of allies involved: Louise Morrison

Name/Skin of suspect/s: Josh Yao (?)

Suspects weapon/s: MP5

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):  N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): [video=youtube]http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6otbX8Xktk

Detailed description of the events:I came up to Green Mountain, I'm there with Louise for a while when I hear a very young sounding male, I instantly hit record because I want him to be clarified as an acceptable age, he has very bad RP from the start listing all sorts of irrelevant things in the prison building and then following up outside (Video will show), I attempted to Pulse-Check for the report however, I couldn't get it without discretion, I eventually got his name from someone saying it and looked in Player List. He then attempted to tell someone to stop moving, infront of about 7 guys, holding someone at gunpoint is almost CERTAINLY NVFL right there.. However he had NO reason and attempted to shoot him (Narrowly missing), but the guy gets shot and I just thank myself I was recording. (It's very brief because it was last night, I did attempt to report but website was down.)

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Guest ApolloakaJosh

Basically what happened is my uncle wanted me to complete stage 5 of manhood, and by doing that I had to take someones life, and I had to make the person I chose to come with us on a journey. I was holding him up because I couldn't trick him and lure him into coming with us. When he was on the ground, I was ready to tie him up, but my wrist was near my track pad and if you touch the track pad it will click, so I accidentally shot him, which even startled me. He wasn't dead, but there was gunfire so instead of going to bandage him I ran to the other side for cover, in which case my uncles started shooting at me. It was all in good fun, and I'll show you this conversation in steam.



On the underage report, I have already shown proof that I am sixteen years old.

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Okay, however, to me your Roleplaying didn't come across as serious as it quite has to be for DayZRP's standards, I mean, you were shouting and laughing in a situation where you should of been serious and sort of in-control if you will. However this is just my interpretation of the event, the Administrative people may see it differently.

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  • Legend

I can confirm that the accused is of age to play here and has previously provided proof of age to the Admin team. Therefore there is no requirement for it to be done again.

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Okay, first off that video is even funnier a second time.

Anyways... My POV:

We hanging out when Bryce (Joshes Uncle) is rping with Josh and I am just doing my own thing.  Josh initiates on me and I comply.  Josh accidentally shoots me and I begin laughing my ass off and Josh gets killed.  RIP Josh I sorry I gave the kill order on you.  Not much else to say that video shows pretty much everything.

Well... Everything except the fact the OP went OOC rather unnecessarily


This was completely ridiculous for you to say in game OP and I trust you will not do it again.  Let's move on to something else though.  Such as you extreme flaming towards Josh.  Op you are being completely rude to him and I am surprised he has not shown one bit of anger as your video is titled "Utterly shit RP".  Well you are utterly flaming so how about you chill before the warnings come in flying.

As for his "Bad RP" I failed to see any of that in the video.  Josh roleplayed rather well actually.  He was listening to his elders as any kid would.    As for him "laughing".  What?  No really he laughed like one time and not even when bullets were landing right next to him.  He was screaming for us to calm down and was calling out for his dad.  Sounds like something oh I don't know... a kid would do?

Also there was no NVFL and Josh thought everyone in that compound was with his Uncle except me.  Except I was with his uncle and was trying to get people to calm him down hahaha.

Oh by the way, I realize this report isn't about KOS, but to make it clear I do not care the slightest that Josh shot me on accident.  Josh I do not know what laptop you have but try to find the hotkey that disables the track pad lol.

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Bryce White POV: I was the Uncle Who was putting him through the manhood test that I do with all my nephews. For the final portion of the test he would have to capture a man and take his life through valid means. He pulled me aside and told me Rin was the one he wanted to take for Stage 5. I told him if he is the one he wants he would have to do it himself. Keep in mind Rin was in my TS and I told him if anything happens to go along with it(which i thought nothing would happen on that scale) All the men in the compound except The OP and his friend, were our men. When Josh initiated WE were stunned and I told my friends in TS to not shoot josh and go along with it, one asked what to do if he shot/killed Rin, Rin them if that was the case then kill josh.I was hoping I could get Josh to do some hostage RP and see how he went in a semi controlled environment. This was not the case when he he misfired and accidentally shot Rin in which case he was unloaded upon before anything could be said otherwise. Rin OOC was laughing and having a great time and did not mind accidentally getting shot(Even if it ruined his treasured grey sweater) It was not NVFL for it was supposed to be a test of Josh's meddle within a semi controlled environment of a neutral party that was with me.

Currently I do not see why any of this affects the OP for he was not shot, harmed , or negatively deprived in any way. In fact the OP even went OOC to say "//making a report brb" Something along those lines, You in fact deprived everyone around you the immersion that makes RP what it is with your "Utterly Shit RP". I do not think you could be one to judge for you sat around mostly RPing with your friend in Text RP form , playing with a dead worm named Bill if im correct ,and only became a semi interesting character after the event transpired oh wait!! You didnt! you went away to file a Report IG that had nothing to do with you. Just because Josh is an eccentric character doesn't mean he has utter shit RP, the entire goal of that situation was to mold him into a hard survivor in the degrading world we find ourselves in IG with the help of his bad influence uncle and his band of merry misfits. I would kindly suggest you drop the report and find something better to report upon that actually involves an actual server rule-break, Thank you

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I would appreciate it if you didn't take personal hatred into equation whilst dealing with a pretty serious report.

First things first, who are you to say if it didn't affect me, It actually gave me disbelief that the community is slightly dying of good RP'ers.

You say he didn't do anything out of serious RP terms?

Perhaps you could explain the part where Josh walked into the building, and I vaguely hear something along the lines of; "I like him, not in the sexual way". I'm not sure what it is to you, however to me it seems a little troll rp, however if you want some more 'bad rp' perhaps we could move onto the fact where Josh walks over to another person and asks, "Do you want to be my new dad? My other one left me", I mean, in what mind would a person walk over to another individual and ask if they wanted to be there 'new dad'? I'm sorry it's just plain out of context.

If I really wanted to go further, I would say when he was did a half-hearted attempt at gaining control over someone by pointing the gun at someone and asking them to get on the floor, whilst laughing under his breath likes it's a Public-Hive server with your friends in TeamSpeak. I'm sorry, but who would laugh whilst trying to take someone (part) hostage? It just doesn't happen, and thus came across in my eyes as bad/troll RP.

Regarding me doing one line of OOC, informing people I was going to be alt+tabbed, filing a report about a pretty poor, RP experience I had which I wanted an admins opinion of. That was perfectly fine, I was simply giving the relevant information that I was not going to be tabbed in, thus if anyone wanted to talk to me quickly or even TEXT COMMUNICATION towards me, I wouldn't have seen it. This is PERFECTLY fine in regards people have whole conversations in OOC chat.

Before I finish this rather long, almost essay I was having a PM conversation with one of those involved in this, and I was ready to close the report as he was so honest and detailed(ly) explained the whole situation to me, however I come back to the report to be greated to 2 people teaming up against me almost, basically demanding me to close the report and attempting to turn the report onto me and my one line of OOC, sorry It just doesn't work that way.

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What the fuck?  You are not closing the report due to people who do not even know Josh OOCly because of their POVS?  K den.  Weren't you playing with a dead worm or something and you named it Billy.  I would like you to explain this to me how you think this is badrp and yours isn't.  Josh was adopted by Shoo by the way, it's not like he had a "real" dad in the first place.  If anything his attempt at asking if I wanted to be his son was his way of getting my attention and for me to follow him.  Although it did not work that is just how his character is.

I think you need to chillax about reporting everyone for "BadRP" as I can guarantee you have done some badrp with that worm fiasco and we don't even care. 

I guess I have contributed all I could to this report, will upload a video if I find one though.

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  • Sapphire

Any further back and forth will be met with points.  This is your only warning.  Staff will question as needed.

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Not sure if it will help, but I already have uploaded a video regarding these accusations. Josh was apart of our group and we had original and valid RP with him trying to be adopted by Rin (lemon). He made a mistake by shooting lemon by accident and he was killed for it. We talked with him after the fact and as he stated in his PoV, he misclicked and we decided not to report for it. I fail to see how this is "utterly shit RP" but I will let the staff decide.

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Guest ApolloakaJosh

I could've handled it better, and I understand this is a hardcore RP server that should be taken seriously, but in my opinion you're taking this too personal. You weren't even involved, and the people who were involved laughed about it. Shit happens, I died, oh well, I fucked up. I payed the price. This didn't have to become a "hate" thread and didn't have to become a report, you could've just talked this out in Teamspeak.

In all I just want to ask both sides to simmer down, it's just pixels, no one died in real life, I didn't rob a bank, it was just fun. I love you all (especially my uncles backing me up) and lets just make this a learning experience that we can laugh at.

If you want to push for me to get banned, so be it. <3

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  • Sapphire


Josh Yao - Bad RP - Guilty


Bad RP:

Josh Yao, while the overall plot involved your character fulfilling 'Stage 5 of the manhood trials' it was executed in an overtly lighthearted manner with little success. You speak with Lemon about becoming your father, then when his other group-mates who are in on the situation confront you about your father. (Presumably Shoo Ping Yao). You stutter, trying to salvage the situation, and then initiate on Lemon. 

Whilst initiating, you appear to be laughing at this situation as a whole, treating this in such a way that it is borderline trolly. While you shot your new 'dad', you also screamed, yelped, laughed altogether as you ran away to the other side of the opening. This is when the kill order was given and you were swiftly executed by the hostage's group. 

As a whole, we believe this to be immature RP in decent regard. Whilst it could be argued that 'I play a child/adolescent.' That same or similar to arguing against NVFL that 'It's just how my character would act.' You are required to RP within the rules and we suggest you learn from this experience and refresh these in your mind during your time away from in-game activities.

Unnecessary OOC:

To the OP. By no means is it okay to say [//Filing a report, brb]. OOC text with a // should ONLY be used in emergencies. Filing a report is not an emergency and we, as a team, are responding with a strong, Verbal Warning.

With the above stated the following applies:


Josh Yao - Bad RP - Guilty [5 days + 10 Points]

Kyle Abbas - Unnecessary OOC - Verbal Warning

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