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When I first joined RP I had no idea something like this actually existed since I was used to the mindless killing that was public hive. And I know, I haven't been in the community nearly as long as you or other OG members, but I have met people and been a part of events that I will never forget. To me that is crazy. The day I signed up I never expected to be here today with the experiences I've had.

Great thread! It's good to see older members coming back and saying things like this.

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Honestly, i'm very grateful for the friends I've made in this community.

It's very hard to see how you can make good friends in an online community from an outside perspective and I wish a lot of other people could experience what we can by being apart of it.

Nice thread man.

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[align=justify]I have to say I've met some amazing people here from all around the world, that otherwise I don't think I would ever meet. Also before that my spoken english (rarely used to speak in life, more to write) was very rusty but I think now that rust is gone with the practice I got right here.

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I absolutely love DayZRP. I was really active on the forums, eventually got staff, then left staff. Okay, that wasn't the best part of me being a part of this community. I met some amazing people, like amazing. I have made tons of friends, frienemies, enemies, etc. This community has brought a lot to my gaming experience, I am not going to list what. Just know that there is a lot.

I came here not knowing how to improvise roleplay or even how to roleplay. I learned how to roleplay through a lot of game time. Made friends in game and out of the game. I had around 100 hours when I first joined DayZRP, I now have over 1000 hours. I am not trying to brag or say that I have no life. I am just saying that this community made me really enjoy playing this 'god awful' game. Because of the people that I got to meet and play with, this game is actually enjoyable.

I haven't donated to this site in a while. Reason: I don't know?! I am going to help the site with the current situation, though. I really like this community. Not because of the forum benefits, those mean nothing. It's like I said, "My friends". I stick around this community because of all of them. It was because of this community I met them all and I kind of want it to be around for nostalgia.

I am privileged to still be a part of this community. My recent attitude has been rather sour, but I do it subtly. I am salty about the ooc hat. The pretenders or whatever. I am not happy about the current situation. I don't like looking at the forums or I don't much enjoy posting on them as I did before.

Anyways, I am still happy to be here. :)

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Same for me.

I joined DayZRP back in 2013. A streamer and Youtuber showed me this homepage first. I was a little bit scared because my English at the time was not the best and still isnt. However, my English got much better just by talking to many people in this community.

I also had my up and downs, made bad decisions and good ones.

DayZRP is my second family and my second job and I love it. DayZRP went through rough times and most likely will go through rough times again, but the Community always sticked together.

I agree with MetalxTongue that looking at the forums, the "salt", the "OOC", the "drama" in general is annoying and I ask myself why people have to be like that? I think it is the internet itself that makes people feel save behind their screen. Classic "internet warrior"-style. I saw, I know it, I have been there.

The amount of hate-PM´s, hate-threads that have been made, against me and against others is not even funny. However, in the end of the day only a few people know me, as a person, and not only as the Admin which makes it easier for me to deal with "hate" like that.

I would lie if I would say "it does not hurt" sometimes. Of course it hurts sometimes. It hurts the most when I like a person, think that the person is a nice guy or girl.

I try to look behind it and try to understand.

The community makes me stay - the funny, lovely and unique people from all over the world.

DayZRP is for almost 3 years my second home and I love and care about this community.

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I've been in DayZRP since early 2014 (Shoulda been a 2013'er) and alot of you have made a profound difference in my life. I've met some amazing people here, I've made some amazing friends as well. When I first joined DayZRP in 2014 I found it by way of PsiSyndicate and rating the different Mods for DayZ. This was actually around the time I started Rping the summer prior and it... It helped me through a very, very rough time in my life. I was in the gutter, having thoughts of suicide at the time due to loosing someone in a relationship very dear to me at the time by way of cheating. I'm not going to lie, it was stupid of me to think that at the time. That my whole world ought to end because of one person. Instead, I found true joy in Rping, writing and DayZRP. A type of permanent joy that has helped me through some very tough times in my life.

I left the community on hiatus for awhile to go ahead and find myself, I didn't find Mod very enjoyable as it felt too... Gamey to me. However, I came back in 2015 after another hard time with a relationship in my life. I re-registered on Standalone and began playing in .54 prior to the starving patch of .55. It was an uplifting experience for me, and in a way I always found myself coming back to DayZRP. I left for a little while to find myself once more and I lost my Uncle. That's when I finally decided to delve into a more serious approach with DayZRP. I began to participate regularly on the forums that summer, joining the NFC (Northern Free Company) and then Alcyone, then bringing back the Chernarus Post. Not long after, I joined staff and ascended the ranks to where I am today.

I'm not going to lie, I can completely relate when you say DayZRP is the best thing that ever happened to me. 

Because it was always there for me when I needed a shoulder to lean on. As for now, this is me, giving back to a community that I love.

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My experience in DayZRP will always be one of my most memorable. I've lived through the glory days of the mod (IMO), I've watched it fall and seen the transition to and growth of SA. I've made some great friends and some awful enemies. Even if the game stays a broken mess and if I loose all my friends I'll still remember DayZRP.

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Back in 2013 I was just a simple console gamer, I managed to save up for the computer I am using now and saw Frankie's DayZ videos. So I purchased all the Arma 2 Games and Set on my way to play DayZ. 

First map I ever played was Podagorsk and I loved it. A small simple map that was easy to learn and I managed to get bored of the PvP quickly. So I typed in on google with an Ex-Friend "Dayz Roleplay?". And this was the first website to come up. Lets just say I never thought back then I would still be playing.

My first week on the server I met some of the greatest people and still think they are great to this day and will never forget the good times back at Altar Castle and many more before that at Ravens Nest ect. 

2 years later I am still here and I have close friends and made some really good friends and I wouldn't wish for anything different. This community is still great and I expect great things to come from it in the next few years and I hope to be still in the community to see that.

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Been roleplaying on various other communities for 3-4 years now, but just recently tried out DayzRP and loving it. Hopefully my stay won't end abruptly...

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I'm relatively new to the community, compared to others posting in this thread. I will say though I understand the sentiment given by the OP and those who have responded.

I've been apart of many online communities, and each one seems to have it's own charm. By far though, I have enjoyed the company and conversation with those on DayzRP than I have in any other community I've been apart of. DayzRP succeeded in taking a game that wasn't worth my time anymore, to being one of the only games I play, and it's probably my favorite at the moment, just because of this community.

I can't really add that much more to it. I can say though, that I am willing to give a great amount of credit to DayzRP for helping to maintain my sanity over the past few months. Things have been hectic IRL, so it's nice to know I have a place to come back to where I actually can talk with people, and not be alone.


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