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Questions of Detective Jonathan Truth

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Question Zero: Who am I?


I suppose its important that I answer this questions first if what I uncover over the course of my investigations and chronicle in this journal is to have any credibility behind it. Its important that if someone finds this journal (and I hope to God that someone will find it) that they believe every word I write down. No matter how fantastic, horrible, or crazy it all seems every fact, every discovery, every word I write down in this notepad is the god damn truth!


So in answer to my opening question: My name is Jonathan Truth and I love answering questions. I am was a private investigator who operated in Baltimore Maryland back in the pre-outbreak days, my backup occupation after flunking the police exam.  By becoming a private detective I imagined handling murder cases, daring thefts, sinister conspiracies, and; well, all those exploits you’d expect to read about in pulp noirs. Course for the most part I was hired by clients to trail their unfaithful spouses, find out who they were secretly sleeping with, and obtain proof that my clients could use for divorce proceedings. I hated those kinds of jobs, but God knows it was the only line of work I could dig up.


I did a lot of private investigations as well. Tracking global rises in cult activity, sightings related to extraterrestrial phenomenon, and rumors of unsanctioned military weapons testing. Stuff that I guess most people would call conspiracy theory. Gave me a pretty bad rep as one of those paranoid nutcases, but at least it wasn’t as humiliating as stalking unfaithful spouses.


At first it was just a past time hobby of mine, driving into the country to visit a crop circle, listening to legends from locals; but as I started devoting more time to my private investigations  I started making some seriously weird discoveries. And as I dug, my hobby began to consume more and more of my life. Driving me crazy I guess.  I began to understand just how strange our world truly was.


Then came the outbreak. We remember what those days were like. The fear, the collapse, the death, the madness. We all responded in our own ways to the disaster as everything we knew and loved rotted around us. There were the heroes who fought against the infection, the bandits who sought to exploited it, the survivors struggling to endure it.  


I was the investigator trying to find answers to the question. What caused this outbreak that destroyed our world and reduced us to this miserable state? Was this an act of terrorism? The result of military bioweapons testing going horribly wrong? The work of demon worshipers ushering in the end of days? I don't know. Yet. But I will uncover the truth. And I know where to find it: Chernarus.


What you are reading is the omnibus of my investigations in Chernarus: the leads I followed, the secrets I uncovered, the theories I have made, evidence that I have collected throughout the country, and everything I have done to find my answers.  I have scavenged pertinent police reports, medical records, and any other scrap of paper I could find relating to my investigations. My apologies in advance for the shabby state you will find this book in. I have complied this journal out of blank pages torn from books. I will do everything in my power to keep this book safe for as long as I can, but Chernarus is not a kind country and I have no doubts I'm in for trying days and nights.  There must be an answer. THERE HAS TO BE! Something Someone caused this nightmare! 

 Even as I write this I can't help but fear that even if I do uncover the awful truth, there will be no one left for me to share it with. I will never know if what I write down in this book will ever reach the eyes of others, but if it does then PLEASE read my journal, follow my trail, and spread what you learn in this book to as many survivors as you can find. If I fail to see these mysteries to their end then I pray to God that there will be others to take up my work. The survivors deserve to know the truth, we deserve to know, I DESERVE TO KNOW!


So let me ask you a questions: Do you want to know the Truth?

Detective Jonathan Truth

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