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baned or not whitlested

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Hi guys sup all :D

i used to roll us andri vasili in eu us servers idk if some here remeber me or not ::D been a long time since i last logged in

i was in army tour and now im back when i try to log in to the server its says not whitelisted i was on but idk what changed did they made a new applictions or what :o cuz i gotta catch up  :P

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Guest Mak

You need to re apply, there is a new whitelist system.

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If you didn't do the steam integration before the 13th September, then your whitelist would have been removed.

You'll have to re-do the whitelist if you wish to play on the servers once again.

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A new white list system came into effect recently and whoever did not re-whitelist in the set period had to go through the whole system again. You will have to completely re-whitelist I'm afraid, but feel free to use your old backstory. 

Marking as /Solved. 

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