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Poor Execution Right

Guest Mr Boonie

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Guest Mr Boonie

Server and location: 

S2 Near Green Mountain near barn.

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 

5:17 PM EST

Daytime or Night-time: 


Your in game name: 

Hunter Williams

Names of allies involved: 

0 Ran into a group that was going to kill me anyways no allies

Name/Skin of suspect/s: 

In Logs

Suspects weapon/s:

FNX or pistol of some sort.


Got held hostage by this group, was rolling with this group set out to teach me a lesson anyways. The people I was rolling with were giving comments like "im gonna break your legs and kill you ETC" but when I make a comment such as "faggot" or anything of that nature he singles me out, we get held hostage he states if i make one more remark im dead, so i complied, we travel about an estimate of 10 minutes to a barn and he pulls us in corners as doing so I apologize for calling him names just like the other people apologized for getting heated. He raises his gun and fires on me. They are surprised I died, thought i would just have a fracture then they come up with excuses in game that they heard faggot etc, when they weren't around they are covering their own asses. False/poor execution otherwise they would of executed everyone for bad remarks and no good RP just yelling and a bunch of BS i consider this a re-portable offense seeing how AFTER the fact I was told to comply I did and still was killed. I will have video Proof Uploaded in 3-6 hours due to me being at work.!



Accidentally Killing someone is not okay. Imagine people rolling around killing people and saying OOPS it was an accident.


Character's Backstory: Hunter Williams was an average day hunter living in chernarus after moving from south carolina, he had a wife and a son (zach). Hunter was hunting while the outbreak happened, hearing the bad news he ran home as fast as he can. He ran into a group of thieves/robbers known to date as "bandits" at his home holding his wife and kids hostage. Hunter barges in trying to save his wife and kid till he gets knocked unconscious.  Waking up he is tied up and being held down as he is forced to watch his wife and son get killed infront of him. Hunter is so livid and mad but is bound and can't do anything, the "bandits" scar up his face so hunter can remember them by these scars.

Why I listed my backstory is for the SOLE reason, my character since that day is a bandit overall a blatant blunt asshole/dick has no time or no room for anyone's bullshit. Likes to joke around and doesn't take life so serious BUT STILL HAS VALUE for his life. Therefore the comments made by me were and are justified from my characters background once i was told one more remark I would die. I stopped and complied following EVERY command to the T!

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My PoV: You called me a faggot so I told you if you make one more smart remark you would be killed. You then proceeeded to keep being a smartass so I was going to torture you. I accidentally shot your leg and killed you. Regardless I had KoS rights on you. Also want to add that calling me a faggot while handcuffed and being hostage is not only breaking a community rule, but also no value for life.

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Guest Mr Boonie

Video proof of me making no more smart remarks after that fact will be uploaded to this report soon. My character is an asshole after being through a lot just like you were calling us names SO WAS I, after you said make one more smart remark or you will die, I complied due to following the rule of NVFL.

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  • Sapphire

Kill Logs:

22:12:04 | "Hunter Williams(uid=) DIED Blood <= 0"

22:12:04 | "Hunter Williams(uid=) was KILLED by Hunter Williams(uid=)."

22:12:04 | "Hunter Williams(uid=) was KILLED by Hunter Williams(uid=)."

Hit Logs:

22:12:04 | "Aiden Murphy(uid=) SHOT Hunter Williams(uid=) by CZ75 into RightLeg."

22:12:04 | "Hunter Williams(uid=) STATUS S::500 B::2070 H::3924.19 HP::0."

22:12:04 | "Aiden Murphy(uid=) SHOT Hunter Williams(uid=) by CZ75 into RightLeg."

22:12:04 | "Hunter Williams(uid=) STATUS S::1500 B::1070 H::3524.19 HP::0."

22:12:04 | "Aiden Murphy(uid=) SHOT Hunter Williams(uid=) by CZ75 into rightleg."

22:12:04 | "Hunter Williams(uid=) STATUS S::2000 B::570 H::3324.19 HP::0."

22:12:04 | "Aiden Murphy(uid=) SHOT Hunter Williams(uid=) by CZ75 into rightleg."

22:12:04 | "Hunter Williams(uid=) STATUS S::2500 B::70 H::3124.19 HP::0."

22:12:04 | "Aiden Murphy(uid=) SHOT Hunter Williams(uid=) by CZ75 into rightleg."

22:12:04 | "Hunter Williams(uid=) STATUS S::3000 B::-430 H::2924.19 HP::0."

Chat Logs:

22:05:48 | Chat("Aiden Murphy"(id=)): *shakes Roman's hand*

22:06:21 | Chat("Aiden Murphy"(id=)): *nudges the man*

22:18:46 | Chat("Aiden Murphy"(id=)): *Kicks the man in the jaw*

22:19:40 | Chat("Aiden Murphy"(id=)): *kicks the man in the ribs*

22:21:07 | Chat("Aiden Murphy"(id=)): //you can log

22:21:19 | Chat("Aiden Murphy"(id=)): //np

22:22:33 | Chat("Aiden Murphy"(id=)): //hit x again

Disconnect/Connect Logs:

21:46:26 | Player "Hunter Williams" is connected (id=)

22:14:54 | Player "Hunter Williams"(id=) has been disconnected

21:38:28 | Player "Aiden Murphy" is connected (id=)

22:53:43 | Player "Aiden Murphy"(id=) has been disconnected

Logs posted for the situation at hand. If any video evidence is had on both sides, I would ask that you post it as soon as possible, unedited.

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Guest Mr Boonie


As you see at 1:10 - 2:10 The group was exchanging worse words than I but yet I get singled out?

They apologize at 5:01-5:20

I call him a "faggot" due to my "bad day" "heat of the moment" at 6:17 

At 6:25 I don't repeat what i said due to Value for my life.

I continue to be a smart ass throughout the hostage situation because that is how my character is...

Captor gets upset for this reason and tells me one more remark and im dead, I comply for VALUE FOR MY LIFE at 9:57 

That means captor means if I make one more remark I die, so theres still a chance at my survival?

5 minutes pass as we head to this barn

Captor points pistol at my legs as im complying to potentially break them he fires off two-three shots in result killing me without ANY

and i mean ANY notification im going to be executed for reasons of calling him a faggot, even on this report he states "i was going to torture him" that doesn't mean kill, also the fact he stated it was an accident he didnt mean to shoot, well firing three shots with intent is not 'on accident' therefore its bad reason for execution and a poor excuse of doing so, and EVEN if it was on accident, people cant go around killing other people and it be okay just cause it was "on accident". ALSO captor was suprised he killed me tried covering his own ass by stating WELP he called me a fag what about the other guys calling you a dick stating they will break your legs and kill you did you execute them for such reasons as well?

Quality will get better it's still processing.

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Guest Mr Boonie

You did have KoS rights but at that point you said no more smart ass remarks, I complied..... making me walk 4 minutes under the presumption i was going to make it out alive is fucked up execute me right then and there if that was your plan....which it wasn't you admitted in the report you wanted to "torture me" and killing someone on accident doesn't give a good excuse to do so ALSO as im aware with a hostage if he is complying and cooperative you got to keep him healthy..... It was a poorly done execution.

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  • Emerald

I continue to be a smart ass throughout the hostage situation because that is how my character is...

You did have KoS rights but at that point you said no more smart ass remarks, I complied..... 

So you didn't actually comply as you admit here that you continued making these smart ass remarks?

Tbh you're lucky you lived after you called him a "faggot". That is taking it a bit far as people usually don't say that shit...

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Guest Mr Boonie

ScareCrow Stating to these bandit's they are going to come back and break their legs, calling them cunt's etc is not equivalent to one word stated by me.... They refused to execute the people who were a bigger threat then I was. ALSO I did comply after having him put in perspective in a sense ONE MORE WORD AND YOU DIE. I took my gear off like they asked, I had no guns on me like they asked, I didn't run LIKE THEY ASKED, I walked to the barn LIKE THEY ASKED. If that is not complying then I am crazy.

I can say anything I need to say, words don't prove what wen't down the video shows it all, they gave me directions I followed...YES i did give smart remarks but as soon as his command one more smart remark and you die, I had value for my life and complied by stating yes sir. Did not say one more smart remark after the fact.

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  • Legend

Verdict: Aiden Murphy - not guilty

Reason: After reviewing all evidence provided we the staff team have come to a conclusion.

When the accused and his group first initiated on the OP, they gained KOS rights since you did not comply. While you did comply after being shot, the fact that you were shot the first time is what caused your death in the end. The accused  could of shot you then and their but they wanted to role-play with you however they gained KOS again shortly after due to the way you were acting. If someone held a gun to your head in real life, no matter how much of a hard ass you are, you wouldn't continue to talk back to them. After reaching the barn Frank shot you, due to the wounds you sustained earlier you died . His intentions were to immobilize you and enhance the RP, he didn't however expect you to die from the shot. The group wanted to RP with you regardless of your attitude towards them.

 To the accused:

We have noticed that you like to shoot your victim to immobilize them, this is a very dangerous thing to do. Many things could happen for example what happened in this report, the victim was low on blood already and you not knowing the severity of his injuries shot and killed him. You can not know their blood, health, or stats with out looking at the logs. We strongly recommend you find another way of immobilizing your hostage before this situation happens again as a different outcome could be likely. 

Due to this we say the kill is legit and the following will apply.

Outcome: Aiden Murphy- Verbal Warning

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