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Server time (UTC): 2023-09-26 22:50


David Bonaparte

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Server and location: 

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 18pm 

Daytime or Night-time: night time

Your in game name: Elijah Marley

Names of allies involved: TBP

Name/Skin of suspect/s: Kelvin Meir

Suspects weapon/s: think AK

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):  bobby recorded the loot cycling, the kos was not recorded.

Detailed description of the events: KoS PoV: bobby and I are hitting a helmet and we both get mowed down by a AK I believe.

Loot cycling PoV: Bobby and I notice someone is lootcycling and we decide to record what he's doing. He takes the loot from the officers barack and hides inside the treeline so people wouldn't see that he's lootcycling. We decide to initiate on him to teach him a lesson. The video will explain everything in detail better than I could.


 BADRP: Malvik ( Ethereal) has a recording where the accused was pointing his gun at him and says with VOIP 'it's a missclick'.

              Also the accused was playing a woman, while having a male name ( Kelvin Meir I think ).

Bobby Sigfrid has the video where the acccused is lootcycling.

Both Bobby and Ethereal will upload their video and post it in the report.

NVFL: we were 8 at Vybor industrial. Those that were alive killed him.

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KOS POV: I was behind a oil container sort off object just standing there listening to them two do what ever they were doing and i hear gun shots and they said they died, i was watching him looting there bodys and shot him in the head. I was also there and saw him loot cycling at NWAF.

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Kill Logs:

18:08:40 | Player "Bobby Sigfrid"(id=) has been killed by player "Kelvin Meir"(id=)
18:08:40 | "Bobby Sigfrid(uid=) was KILLED by Kelvin Meir(uid=)."

18:08:42 | "Elijah Marley(uid=) DIED Blood <= 0"
18:08:42 | "Elijah Marley(uid=) was KILLED by Elijah Marley(uid=)."

18:09:25 | Player "Kelvin Meir"(id=) has been killed by player "Halvar Bjornson"(id=)
18:09:25 | "Kelvin Meir(uid=) was KILLED by Kelvin Meir(uid=)."
18:09:25 | "Kelvin Meir(uid=) was KILLED by Halvar Bjornson(uid=)."

Hit Logs:

18:08:40 | "Kelvin Meir(uid=) SHOT Bobby Sigfrid(uid=) by AKS74U into Chest."
18:08:40 | "Bobby Sigfrid(uid=) STATUS S::4000 B::1000 H::3400 HP::0."
18:08:40 | "Kelvin Meir(uid=) SHOT Bobby Sigfrid(uid=) by AKS74U into Chest."
18:08:40 | "Bobby Sigfrid(uid=) STATUS S::5000 B::0 H::3000 HP::0."
18:08:40 | "Kelvin Meir(uid=) SHOT Bobby Sigfrid(uid=) by AKS74U into RightArm."
18:08:40 | "Bobby Sigfrid(uid=) STATUS S::7000 B::-2000 H::2200 HP::0."

18:08:42 | "Player Elijah Marley(id=) has fallen into unconsciousness."

18:09:25 | "Player Kelvin Meir(id=) has fallen into unconsciousness."
18:09:25 | "Kelvin Meir(uid=) has fallen into unconsciousness. HARD HIT Total S::6238.79"
18:09:25 | "Halvar Bjornson(uid=) SHOT Kelvin Meir(uid=) by Winchester70 into head."
18:09:25 | "Kelvin Meir(uid=) STATUS S::6238.79 B::4500 H::4800 HP::0."

Chat Logs:

18:06:45 | Chat("Bobby Sigfrid"(id=)): *HEADBUTTS ELIJAH*
18:07:12 | Chat("Elijah Marley"(id=)): *NOSE STARTS BLEEDING*
18:07:14 | Chat("Bobby Sigfrid"(id=)): *HEADBUTTS LIGHTPOLE*
18:08:21 | Chat("Halvar Bjornson"(id=)): *unzips pants, starts urinating into corner*

Disconnect/Connect Logs:

17:41:50 | Player "Kelvin Meir" is connected (id=)
18:09:28 | Player "Kelvin Meir"(id=) has been disconnected
18:09:47 | Player "Kelvin Meir" is connected (id=)

Calling Kelvin Meir to this report. he will have 24 hours to respond before being temporarily banned from the servers.

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Me elijah and 2 others in our group were at vybor industrial doing some internal RP waiting for some other people, i get angry at elijah and headbutt him, then walking over to a lightpole where i also headbutt that out of anger.. elijah and me go over to a helmet to see how much hits it takes to make it ruined before i hear multiple shots going into my back and me dying instantly along with elijah.. i also have a video of the accused loot cycling at NW. Video of loot cycling will be uploaded tommorow as my internet is too shit to play and download at the same time

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I thought TB ( true believers ) were at Vybor industrial when it happened, we were not 8 but 4. They were just about to enter the area, but arrived only when me, Bobby and the accused were dead. Halvar and Gina were with us.

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 My video on the loot cycler

Screenshot showing the loot he hid in a treehttp://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/583574158723984278/EDF9E14A03B4F1676959FA2D1FBF82DE518EACA2/

In the loot cycler event happened he was playing as a female character with a male name (confusing to rp) little to no rp was shown from him and we lost interest.. when he killed us he was playing as a male char wich indicates that he had died inbetween NW sit and Vybor industrial sit..

he had no KOS rights on us as 2 hours had passed and he had died inbetween the 2 different situations to switch gender on his char

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The video evidence provided by MrCuddles is pretty clear cut.

You were called into this report and you failed to respond, despite being online on the forums.

Loot Cycling is a form of exploiting. Exploiting the loot system of DayZ in order to cause more loot spawning in.

In this community, we have zero tolerance for anyone who exploits game mechanics or bugs for personal gain.


Kelvin Meir - you are hereby Permenantly Banned from this community.

Good day to you.

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