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  • MVP

*Mary picks up the radio and starts to transmit*

*you are able to hear a calm female voice*

This is Mary Archer.

 I am sending this on all frequencies in this area.

I have been hearing quite a few stories about a group of people moving around these lands, robbing and killing survivors.

They go by the name 'Wolfpack'.

Everyone be sure: If you havent done anything to me and my family - It is not us.

 It is no one of my family. 

We are the Wolves, we are not refering to us as a 'Wolfpack'.

We dont have anything to do with these people.

We have been surviving in this area for quite a while now. We are not moving around and stealing peoples supplies.

I repeat: If you run into people calling themselves 'Wolfpack' - Watch out!

*Mary turns off the radio and sighs. Mary looks into Zojas Face: "We need to find them."*

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Guest Flluroz

A mysterious Russian man hears Mary's voice, and quickly grabs his radio, speaking into it.

" I've always wanted to ask.... Are you people actually Wolves? Or is this some sick joke. "

He sat the radio down, leaning back against the tree, watching the sunrise.

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  • Emerald

Dan giggles as he talks into the radio

Yes! we are actually wolves, do you want to see my big sharp red teeths ? 

Dan giggles a bit more and turns off his radio

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Guest Flluroz

Anton shook his head with a quiet giggle, picking the radio back up, speaking into it.

" That's fucking amazing. "

Anton sat the radio down beside him, wondering if the man actually thought he was indeed a Wolf.

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*Kasey swallows the bite of his apple and grabs his radio*

Hey how many people are out to ruin everyone's day? I mean... c'mon surely there must be better things to do like... well... I dunno...

uh thanks for the warning though I'll keep the differences in mind so um... stay safe out there uhh, Wolves?

*puts his radio in his jacket pocket and keeps walking*

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Sitting in his chair, Roger stares at the squawking radio across the room. Somehow, multiple people had managed to broadcast on every single frequency. Sure, sending a single message was fine albeit annoying, but now seemingly everyone was broadcasting on all frequencies just to reply to some guy giving a damned PSA.

The man sighs, his head dropping down in defeat. "...I just wanted to listen to some music, goddamnit."

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  • Emerald

*Logan sits at his kitchen table, playing a game of solitaire while he swaps through frequencies. Sure he could be asleep right now, but sleep wasn't coming any time soon, and maybe he could make it another day without sleep; although at four days without it, he was running a risk of passing out if not careful. He picks up his radio and presses down on the talk button.*

"Uhhh... Hey, thanks for the heads up there. I'll make sure to keep a lookout for them... Would like to be informed if we seen them or something? I mean, if your trying to find them, that is. If not, thanks for the warning. Safe travels out there."

*Logan puts his radio back down and continues to play, thank God he found that ace of spades the other day to complete the deck. Now he wasn't going to get bored any time soon.

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  • Legend

::radio comes alive::

good to know thanks for the info miss

::transmission end::

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*A survivor wandering the coast hears his radio start squawking and decides to respond*

Ran into the "Wolfpack" a week or two ago, tried robbing me, was able to escape, right after I shot one square between the eyes."

*A heavy sigh*

Who would think to tell me, before all of this happened, that I would become a stone-cold killer...

*Looks out at the ocean for a moment before continuing*

Anyways, enough about me, to any who think you can take them, don't. It's a bad gamble, better chance swimming the straight and surviving at midnight *laughs*. Sorry, dark humor in the apocalypse, not a great mix.

Think before you act, they are well equipped and numerous, just steer clear, and if all else fails...

Save one for yourself...

*3 second pause*

This is Wulfgar, signing off.

*Signal buzzes for a couple of seconds, then ends*

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Pushes the transmission button on his old beaten up Radio.

in a maniacal voice Anthony responds "Yep I actually saw them a couple months ago. ended up taking 2 of them out after infiltrating the small group we saw........ They didn't last long"

*A few seconds of dead air transmitting goes by*

You hear a revolver chamber being spun and the hammer being cocked in the background.

"Now then where were we my Friend"

*Radio transmission ends*

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  • Sapphire

* Kieran jumps slightly as the Radio turns on, startling him. He presses the Transmit button down to respond *

"Um, I think this thing is working, uh... Thanks for the warning, I think."

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