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The one named "God" [Open Frequency]

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*A slight static buzz emits from the radio before someone clearing their throat can be heard.* 

"Hello, if you can hear this then you are listening to "God". I am a man of few moral boundaries and am mostly a mercenary. Why would I declare this over the air, you ask? Well, good sirs and ladies, I shall tell you."

*The man clears his throat before continuing.* 

"As I said, I am a mercenary, though I would prefer to call myself a bodyguard, as I don't do jobs for people, just protect them. That being said, you may have an idea as to my intent. If you wish for "God" to keep an eye over your shoulder, or more specifically, keep a rifle trained on those whom may harm you, then I will be listening. If you pay, "God" will listen."

*There is a short pause, breathing and shuffling can be heard before a rifle is fired off. Then the man laughs and speaks into the radio again.* 

"God" has brought retribution my friends! Rejoice and pray, for he shall never ignore his faithful! So long as you keep him well paid."

*There is static for almost a full minute then almost in a rush he adds.*

"Oh, I almost forgot. I will broadcast every day at noon, or close to it, mostly."

*Then the radio goes silent and the broadcast ends, at least for that day.*

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  • Emerald

*Clancy sniggers as he listens to the man over the radio*

"Call yourself "God" eh?" [Another laugh] "You may wanna consider changing that buddy. Firstly many of us believe there ain't no God anyways, so you'd be telling us you're nothing but a liar. Secondly, bigging yourself up over the radio ain't clever either. I've never heard you before and I certainly ain't heard of no guy named "God"."

*He pulls up his sidearm and fires blankly in the forest*

"And for shooting over the radio, any of us can do that pal... Don't act a big-shot over a fucking radio... You'll be gone before you know it if you don't change your ways."

*He releases the button, the transmission ends*

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  • Sapphire

*The voice that comes is pleasant, a smile can be heard in the mans voice.*

"My good man, you speak of pay yet you have not named your price. I may be interested in your services. I have projects that require entering potentially dangerous environments to gather certain research data.

If you have a frequency I can reach, perhaps we can come to some sort of agreement?"

*Before the transmission ends, the sound of a metal door can be heard sliding shut.*

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"God? since when has God ever looked out for us ahaha...

perhaps we haven't paid her enough in blood.. tell me... are you certain you can compare to the lady who wiped out the world's population twice? hehehe...

Kill one man, you're a murderer. kill a million, you're a conqueror, kill them all... you're God!"

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Thomas sits on a rocking chair next to a tent, slowly flickering through frequencies for useful information. A voice emits and he immediately stops rocking.

Thomas pushes  the button*

You think you're God...... you are aware what started this damn infection? The individuals that played God, deceiving those of whom our loyalty and worship should  be devoted too caused our Mighty Holiness to bring down such as evil wrath upon us. I'm sure you're a smart man whoever you are, so I don't need to tell you what position these individuals are in now. I can  tell you... it is not a very nice one!

Do the right thing and step down from your high horse. Otherwise, it is going to be a very long fall!

Thomas throws the radio into his tent, looks upon the Sun setting down and proceeds to carry on rocking on his chair

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  • Emerald

*Alexander sits down to hear this*

You call yourself a "God" ano? The only god in these lands is the Serye Volki and you should be careful to remember that. As said by the General Polkovnik "You call yourself a god actually your just a fraud from abroad now step in-front of my firing squad"

Glory To Volki And Death To their Pray!

*Alexander Walks away and in the background you here him mumbling the rest of the rap*

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Cup of awful, nasty tea in one hand and a chunk of chewy black bread in the other, Roger Sampson browses through the radio channels before coming upon one especially inane topic on a frequency. Jaws working on the tough bread, he listens in silence to the words of some blowhard by the name of "god".

Washing it down with the fowl, bitter tea, Roger hits the transmit button. "You know, if you wanted to be taken seriously you should have probably taken a less try-hard name. Like Susan, or Bob."

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  • Emerald

*Benny listens in on the transmission from "God" with a slight frown*

"Easy, buddy. "God" forgives all. Nobody here does. Cross the wrong people and you'll learn. I'm sure you'll end up getting shot here one of these days. Anyhow, this is the Brotherhood. You may have heard of us. If you haven't? You will. Especially in your line of "work". See you around, I'm sure."

*Benny ends the transmission, and gets back to re-loading his magazines"

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*The radio buzzes once more roughly around noon of the next day.*

"My word, I had no idea some of you felt this way. Maybe I should take back my words."

*Then there is a small pause as he seems to think about it*

"Nah, there was one person who was actually interested in my skills. So whomever that was, I will give you my private frequency and contact it if you want to employ my services. My fee will be discussed in private, though I doubt anyone who wants to hire me will not be able to afford me."

*There is a small silence then he adds*

"To anyone else, all of you who threaten me and tell me to stop, I dare you to come find me and take action where your words are just wind. Toodles~"

*Then the radio has a bit of static then goes quiet.*

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  • Sapphire

*The radio comes to life with the calm voice of the man from earlier.*

"Excellent, I'll contact you at the first opportunity I get. There are a few small jobs that I'll need done other than bodyguard work. Just a little heavy lifting from point A to point B. I sustained an injury recently that prevents me from carrying anything too dense. If extra payment is required, I will be willing to provide, and further details on the job can be discussed in private.

Thank you for your time."

*The radio clicks off without another sound.*

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