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No such thing as untouchable. [Open Frequency]

Jack the Ripper

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  • Sapphire

*As the transmission begins, a slow tapping can heard, plastic on wood. After a moment the tapping stops, followed by a hollow click. A voice beings speaking, warm and pleasant.*

"I find it interesting that so many people out there think that they are powerful men and women. Their tone, the things they say, the way they attempt to portray themselves. It's as if they vision themselves as the boogie-man, an invincible warlord, perhaps even a god or goddess?

It's strange how quickly people forget that we are all flesh and bone, and we can all be broken just as easily as the cattle we kill for food.

You have to ask yourself, is there a reason the world descended into the chaos that we live in today? We all know that there can only be one reason behind that.


Apparently we are the apex predator in the Eco-system, capable of tearing it to shreds in an instant. If not this virus, it would have been atomic fire that consumed us. If not that it would have been mass pollution. If not that then we would have eventually died out to hundreds of year of warfare. 

Humanity was the problem. And though some people like things the way they are, there are others that wish to see the world brought back to the way it was. Yet the always seem to forget, that in order to properly ensure that we do not make the same mistake twice, we must understand the problem at its core before we try to solve it.

The human mind is a funny thing, isn't it? How many of us were psychotic before this mess began, holding it away because societal norms and law enforcers prevented us from embracing what we truly were? I've seen a lot of 'crazies' and 'lunatics' out there, and this infection has barely lasted a year. Yet they dominate the population. Why?

Well that brings the topic full circle doesn't it. The vast majority thinks they're untouchable. It drives them to do things that they wouldn't have dared consider in the old world. We grew up surrounded by law and order, and that was all that was keeping people at bay. We saw glimpses of what humanity was capable of through social medias, like the internet. Now, with nothing holding them back, people run around and play god. If they have numbers, guns and a radio, they ARE god in their own eyes. But they always forget that at the end of the day....

There is no such thing as untouchable."

*There is another click, followed by the sound of plastic falling on a pile of plastic objects. Then the transmission ends.*

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  • Sapphire

*Zoya perks up a little at the person's radio broadcast*

Život není ani dobrý nebo zlý , ale jen místo pro dobro a zlo.

I think you not understand much about people and world.  Some people do bad things, they do bad things before war and before infection.  Some people continue to be bad things, others have used this as way to not let bad things happen to them.

*Zoya sighs a bit, then resumes transmitting*

I is untouchable, sure might sound like I is little nuts... but many try, nobody strong enough to do.  I yet be captured by people wishing me hurt.  Instead I cut off snake head, if person threatens friends or family, they is usually dead before they has chance to do anything about it.

You not any longer control the stupid people, it is you and your friends against bad people and biting things.  Not needed mind altering talks about who is untouchyble.

*Confused, and a little irritated, Zoya tosses her radio into a nearby stream.*

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  • Sapphire

The Marshal brings his radio up after a long moments pause, letting the words soak in. A smile escapes onto his face, despite the pressure he was feeling in his head.

He thumbs the transmit button.

"Finally... Someone whom actually speaks with some sense of... understanding..." He paused. "You're not wrong... You're actually quite right. People these days, most of em that... strive to make themselves known, they think themselves a cut above the rest... I've seen it too many times. I've seen these same people crumble to nothing, either by the hand of another or by sheer... situational pressures..."

He clears his throat, then takes a breath in. "I'm not one of those... I recognize something can and will happen to me at any moment, it's inevitable. You can't have good intentions in this world without some asshole with dreams of chaos and a capgun thinking they need to try and strip all your worldly possessions and your pride away... But I'm not frightened by other peoples nightmares... My purpose revolves around keeping those I call my own safe, survive the best way we can."

There's a long pause, leaving the radio transmitting. The Marshal lets out a low sigh after debating a second in his mind.

"I used to be part of this Law & Order you spoke about, one of those... Enforcers... I still run myself to some of those standards... But I recognize the world has changed, and with it the people..."

There's another long pause before he speaks again, this time in a much shorter tone.

"We'll never see the world as it was before, not even close. Not in our lifetimes. Perhaps those of our children, or theirs... But what we're in now... It's for the long haul... Buckle up."

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  • Emerald

-Finnr clicks on the radio after he heard the message with a big smile on his face he says the following-

You, I think, I like you.

Dont die just yet will ya? I want to have a good chat with a chap that knows exactly what it means to not be untouchable!

Well than

Im out.

-Finnr clicks off the radio and hes mood has been enlightend by this radio message he ought to meet the man one day shouldnt he?-

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  • Sapphire

*The transmission begins with another hollow clicks, followed by the scratching of pen on paper. The voice comes in slowly this time, though still polite.*

"People use their delusions as an escape route from the reality of things. Though I admire your determination, you've still failed to realize that though people have thus far been unable to harm you, every action increases the chance of your own destruction. It's a lot like a.... dice roll. One wrong step. Somebody looking your way just before you duck behind a bush. It could be as simple as the smallest cut becoming infected.

I'm not saying that your death is inevitable, even though it will be when your body begins to deteriorate in due time. But I am saying, that arrogance has taken more lives in this apocalyptic world than anything else.

Addressing the man who seems to agree with me, it is true: we are in this for the long haul. Perhaps you are one of the few who will make it the farthest. Perhaps....

There are three types of people in this world. Survivors such as yourself. Anarchists who try to disrupt the life cycles of the people around them in whatever way they can, and then there are those who want to bring back the old world.

All of these people have goals, yet few take a moment to stop and look around them. Few try to understand, few try to rationalize. They just.... act.

And I'm curious to know.... what is it that lies deep in the human mind that is responsible for all of this? And further.... responsible for the atrocities that took place in the old world.

And finally, to my apparent 'fan'. I don't plan on dying anytime soon.... but then again, I don't have any control over the actions of others. And thats what it really comes down to in the end, isn't it?

That ominous dice roll."

*There is a click, and the transmission ends.*

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