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Ban Appeal - Drew Griffin

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:

I feel that the verdict is not fair because, as the video shows, the man was not complying in a very obvious manner.

http://www.twitch.tv/richuncle/v/22763825                         (2:00 is when we initiate and 3:00 is when we kill him, 4:00 being where the situation ends)

If one were to examine the video in further detail you will notice that I tell the hostage to lower his hands and run towards Novy Sobor three times total, only counting down on the last one.

My first order is for the hostage to drop his weapon and stop running, he continues to run so I fire two rounds at him, to which he realizes that he can not make it away and responds with "alright, alright!" so I hold fire.  I then order him to run towards Novy and that if I find a weapon on him down there I will kill him.  So, he asks if he may put his hands down to drop his other weapon, to which I respond with yes.  I once again tell him to stand up and move down towards Novy and then again repeat myself as Elijah was speaking over me.  This time, however, since I had ordered him twice before, I begin counting down by three seconds for him to begin standing up/putting his hands down.  He simply does not move and sits there on his knees, stalling us and doing what I presumed was messaging his friends his location, as we had chased three up the hill and they could not be far.  I kill the hostage for non-compliance and Elijah and I continue down to Novy.  While in Novy we take fire from his friends on the hill after meeting up with Vestige and we eventually leave for Stary.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

Elijah and I were alone on the hill with two of this man's friends running around.  He had been impersonating us only moments before and had robbed an individual that we had no problem with.  These individuals were obviously hostile and I felt that they would not hesitate to delay or stall us.  In the original report, the man also states that he was unconscious, however, this is clearly false and can be seen in the video.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

I would like the three day ban to be lifted and my ten points repealed.

What could you have done better?:

I could have given him more than three seconds to run towards Novy Sobor.

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A different GM/Admin team, who was not involved in the original verdict, has looked over the original Report, the ban appeal and the justification of the verdict given.

In the video you we can see that you initiate on Rick and your friend started to shoot at him right away - The verdict for attempted KoS is fully justified.

He does indeed hit him and Rick starts to bleed.

- 23:13:31 | "Rick Johnson(uid=) STARTS BLEEDING -

You gave him mulitple demands which he seems to comply to. He asked if he can lower his hands to run down to Novy and the answer given was yes. Now you can see Rick lower his hands and immediately getting his hands up again. This looks like non compliance to us, however, the logs show us that he indeed was fallen unconscious. He was still in the crouching animation with his hands up. You can hear Rick say something and cutting out in the middle. 3 seconds after this, you killed him for non compliance.

- 23:13:34 | "Player Rick Johnson(id=) has fallen into unconsciousness -

This is a known bug and we believe you had no chance in this situation to find out that he actually was unconscious.

In the video you gave him "count downs" from 3 to 5 seconds. You need to have in mind that 3 or 5 seconds are NEVER enough time to comply. As Autumn stated:

"Three seconds is not enough when factoring in server-side desync, pings and the stiffness of DayZ's controls."

You can give a countdown of 3 seconds, but you cannot act on it.

Telling someone he has 3 seconds to comply but in the end you give 20 seconds <- Not against the rules, as long as you do not act on the 3 seconds countdown.

Shooting someone after 3 seconds because you only gave 3 seconds -> that is against the rules.

Further explanation:

While we believe you should have given him more time to comply, you did not know that he was unconscious.


Appeal accepted. Ban and points removed.

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