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[OPEN BROADCAST] looking for the men that call themselves the signal.

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*you hear a mans voice clearly angry speaking over the radio

To all those listening if you find the men calling themselves the signal bring me them alive or provide proof of there death and you will  handsomely rewarded. Contact me on 77.1 

That is all

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*a voice fades in and begins to speak*

This is Drew Griffin, we have our own business with these fellas.

I managed to kill one of the ass hats over in Novy Sobor only moments after you left town.

I grabbed his weapon wrap, in fact, I believe it might be yours from the information I've been recieving. Is that enough proof for you?

*Drew awaits a response and sits playing with the ghille wrap on his weapon*

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*hearing what he wanted, Drew raises the radio and responds once more*

Yes, he was using an AK variant and had on an entire home made ghille suit with a red armband. I managed to get a Polaroid picture of his body before we ran away as well, but it isn't that clear, I believe our film is running out.

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*Drew lays the Polaroid photo on the piano of the home that was described to him and lifts his radio*

I thought I saw some movement behind me on my way down, not sure if we finished the job or not.


*lowering his radio, Drew runs out of the home and back into the treeline*

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  • Emerald

*He smirks as he grips his radio, a sudden burst of static can be heard followed by a quiet but familiar voice*

"Ah, so you were the kind fellow to put that poor bastard out of his misery... Thanks for saving me the bullet..."

*He chuckles looking at the men around him*

"You see the man you killed had little significance to me, in fact he had none. He had been lying to me for three days, and this would have been his last... Rather than celebrating your pathetic accomplishment, I'd consider your actions more carefully next time gentlemen"

*The transmission cuts periodically, before jumping back into life*

"And if you so happen to kill one of us next time. Make sure it's someone I give a shit about."

*The transmission ends*

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