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[Open frequency] To Clay Diamond and whoever else it concerns...

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*Radio static disappears and a voice fades in*

Hello Clay Diamond, not "Mr." Diamond, but Clay Diamond... "Mr." is reserved for respectable people, which you are not...

After what you just did at the mountain, you and your sad group of clowns will regret that move very soon... sooner than you think...

I want you to know that I realize that many people have made this threat to you and have not followed through, and I am not going to claim differently... But your days are limited my friend, much more limited than you think. You have taken many lives, friend, perhaps more than you can count, which is debatable *Beau chuckles* You own nothing, you have nothing, you are nothing without your group of clowns who are always there around you in case things aren't in your favor... One day soon your luck will run out, and you will have revenge and actions taken against you for everything you have done in your life...

*Scratches off dried blood from new Diamond in right arm*

I mean EVERYTHING... You have made me who I am now, and I have never acted like this in my life until now... These next few days are the ones you should cherish, Clay... Watch your friends, your supplies, your family, and more importantly watch your back because unlike you, I want you to at least have somewhat of a chance for when it happens... 

*Beau laughs and you hear the radio click off then static fades back in*

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  • Sapphire


Run as fast as you can Beau... Your times running out. My 1911 hasn't been used in a while..

*turns off radio and goes about his night*

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  • Sapphire

*Norman wipes the sweat from his forehead and hair and wipes it on his pants as he hears the message. He begins to broadcast...*

"You claim Mr. Diamond acts tough with all his friends around... Take a look in the mirror. You act tough over the radio, but not face-to-face. Also, why did you wait until you were nice and safe outside the compound to start spouting insults out of your slithery snake mouth?

Let me make something absolutely clear... I will protect Mr. Diamond... at all costs... including my own life...

Bring your little goodie-goodie good samaritan wannabes! Come on! Bring 'em all! I might die, but I'll die with a fight! You'll be the first to come with me!!!

*Norman stops transmitting and punches the base of the Green Mountain Tower before slumping to both his knees and awaiting a reply...*

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