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[Open Frequency] Uh, Hi.. Again..

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*Dente flicks on his radio, the sound of a campfire could be heard beneath his voice.*

"Err, Hello people of.. South.. Uh.. Fucking something with a z. I've been here for so long and I still can not pronounce it.. So my names Dente and uh.. this message is for.. Well lets see now. Anyone, yes anyone. I just wanted to spill thoughts over the radio..I know I have a few amount of people that I may have met and know me. If anyone.. I mean, Anyone I guess this is a .. Uhm.. Look i'm not dead!"

*There is a pause for a moment taking a breath*

"Im uh.. Kinda lost.. I went into one of my fits and all, and I ran a bit.."

*He mutters for a bit before continuing*

"Wh-Where was I..? Oh right right.. Uhm..If you don't know me, I tell jokes.. I don't have many friends, and I sometimes get mood swings.. Or so I'm told.. Why am I here? Why am I alive? I have no idea I use to know all this but I kinda just.. Gave up on those beliefs or whatever they were.. So uhh.. I'm all-ways on the radio contact me or something.. I guess.. Err.. Yeah.."

*Dente cuts out, a bit awkwardly*

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  • Emerald

*Keith hears the familiar voice of an old friend*

Dente? Where the fuck have you been? The Parlor fell apart months ago... We were all scattered. We should really meet at the usual spot. 


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*Dente perks up,hearing the voice quickly broadcasting again*

"Oh, Hey.. Yeah its me.. Uhm. Didnt you.. No no sorry, thinking about someone else.I have been up on the mountain, waiting for someone to kill me like rest of them."

*He takes a breath with sarcastic laugh*

"But.. Uh right now im more lost then I ushally am, so as soon as I find my way.. Lets meet up."

*He stops the broadcast, hoping its not a new ghost.*

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  • Sapphire

*Static is heard and then a gruff voice with a ever-changing tone is heard coming through the radio*

"Erm, Dente? We must talk! I hear Keith as well. Yes? Tell me. How have you both been? Let us meet, yes? At our home?!"

*Jarvis sets down his radio to continue his feast on a piece of rancid meat he had been slowly been consuming to sedate his temptations*

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  • Emerald

*Benny's face lights up as he hears the some of his old friends' voices, and clicks on his radio*

"Shit boys! It's been a while! We should hang out some time. Do some bad things to good people, or something like that."

*Benny's smile fades quickly.*

"Oh yeah, and if you haven't heard, Clayton, Elliot, and Batok are dead..."

*Benny cuts off his radio for the remainder of his walk to Pustoishka(sp)*

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*Dente picks up his radio after hearing the two voices*

"I know there dead.. Its my fault.. Its all my fault, none of you are real. I know it. Im hearing things again! Shut up! shut up! "

*He drops the radio and mumblimg can be heard*

"I dont want to be bad again.. I dont want to...Its gone.. I threw it away.."


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*Bryce hears Dente and responds*

"Nephew? Are you alright? you disappeared on us, Benji and I got worried as well as Vasily.. We went out searching for you but .. to no avail. WE are always close to the same place where you always find Myself , your father, and your other Uncle. Listen. Your a good kid... No.. a good man Dente. Dont let these funeral parlor fucks pull you back in.. I know them all too well I remember your past somewhat as well Dente, but that doesn't change the bond we share as unrelated family..A bong that cannot be shattered.. You know where to find me. and I guess Rysen and I didnt mop up all the grave diggers after all.. "

"I guess its back to the old grind lads... probably"

*He flips his radio off. Grinning watching the sun set. knowing he still has purpose in the world, or so he thinks*

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  • Sapphire

*turns on radio*

Why do I feel as if I know this mans voice? Have we met?

*turns off radio and awaits a reply*

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*Dente begins trandsnitting again,exhasution in his voice.*

"I.. Well I don't know about good.. Sorry for vanishing..uhm.. As soon as I find my way Ill get in contact..But otherwise, im fine.. plenty of food, just lost my map... Uhh.."

*He pauses responding to the other man*

"Your voice sunds a bit familer..I tell alot of dumb jokes? Trying to ring bells..If not.. Nice to meet you.. "

*He cuts out*

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