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The Surprise Handcuff

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Hey guys, Ody here


I was just thinking about something regarding hostage situations and overcoming your opponent and decided to ask the community. I was playing on Pub the other day and was held up in a robbery. I was surprised he didn't shoot me, but I was just a new spawn so I suppose he didn't feel threatened and wanted to torture me or something along those lines. Regardless I got down on the ground and dropped my near empty bag, as he approached me he never told me to put my hands up, and just proceeded to loot my gear. He had a moto helmet on and I had no weapon so it wasn't like I could knock him out, but I found myself thinking "God, if I just had a pair of handcuffs or some rope right now I bet I could get this guy!". The situation ended with a bullet to my head but hey, that's the game for you. 


My question that I thought of later on is that would handcuffing your attacker while you are on the ground in a hostage situation and he or she is looking away from you looting be considered an abuse of game mechanics? I would think so, but if not it might be fun to try.

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well.. if you successfully did it, congratulations. you just bested your captor. it wouldn't be considered as breaking any rules as far as I'm concerned but only if you succeed. if he does turn around and shoot you, it may be considered as NVFL. to much of a gamble for my taste.

there have been real life situations where the robbed grabbed the officer's handcuffs and handcuffed him to a pipe before bolting. so personally I don't see why not or how it can be considered breaking game mechanics

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  • Sapphire

I don't see this as being an abuse of game mechanics. If your attacker is foolish enough to take his/her eyes off of you in order to look through your supplies without restraining you and you are able to successfully handcuff them and take them hostage then I see no problem with it.

However as stated if you were to be caught it would be no value for life as you are taking a big risk in him/her being that distracted. You have to think is the stuff in your bag important enough to risk your characters life? You stated you had very little and you were a new spawn so I would say what you had wasn't worth risking it.

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  • Sapphire

If you can manage to handcuff your captor, then well done. Seeing as he's already initiated on you, it wouldn't be abuse of game mechanics if you managed to handcuff him. Only do this if you're being held captive by one guy and you have a perfect opportunity, as you don't want to end up dead, or on the recieving end of an NVFL report.

It would be more realistic if you knocked the person out first.

Have any of the above answered your question?

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  • MVP

I wouldn't consider it abuse of game mechanics. The person looked away, you got up and handcuffed them. You still run the risk of getting shot the second you get up and attempt to handcuff them. Some can see this as NVFL if there is more than one person holding you hostage.

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Have any of the above answered your question?

Yeah I think you guys have :)

I would never have thought that it could be NVFL but now that you guys point it out, I can totally see it! I might try this in Pub and see how it works out before I bring it to RP, just to make sure I have experience doing it if I really do want to try my luck.

Thanks to everyone who answered my questions, I am fine with an admin or someone else closing this thread.

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  • Sapphire

Handcuffing someone as a form of initiation would be considered a bad initiation,same way as if you punch someone without any warning.

in my mind if you can successful hand cuff one of your captors, I don't see this as being unrealistic. I agree knocking them out may make a bit more sense, but I don't see the handcuffing as being a rulebreak.

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  • Sapphire

Glad your question has been answered!


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