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[Open Frequency] A message for Clay Diamond.

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*Malvik slowly walks down the road, his weapon flash light illuminating the path ahead. He holds his radio in his left hand whilst biting his lower lip, his eyes watering. He gives it a few minutes and slowly begins to speak in a very low and serious tone.*

"You took my brother from me.. You shot Artyom, I watched him die beside me.. His blood stains my coat.."

*He takes a deep breath and sniffs once, quickly returning to his serious tone..*

"You dare claim you own this land, you people rob and kill, torture and massacre... Let me tell you now, that's going to change. Clay Diamond.. Your time is nearly up, Artyom is gone now, and it has made me realize, there is no fucking god watching over us.. These are dark fucking times.. I'm coming for you.. I don't care how many people you have with you, I will not stop.. I am prepared to die trying.. You have taken everything from me.."

*The radio transmission cuts out.*

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*Piper Pick's Up The radio and a tear goes down her face form what she hears she clicks on her radio and starts to talk*

Brother why do say this how did are brother die  and you say that there is no god but you are going back to your old self you need to look at your self brother and see that the devil has you in his arms and that is a bad thing because the devil will go into your body and kill you from the inside out we will get this Clay Diamond guy soon but your feelings  is taking over your actions you need to come back to the light and the light only your family will help you kill this man for what he was done and we will let you have your fun but you need to claim down and come talk to me in are our home town. Come to me when you are ready brother and don't let the devil take over you Brother let god show you the light have to much evil in you will make you go insane

                                                                 *Piper puts down her radio and waits for her brother to talk back*

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*Will picks up his radio*

Listen mate, i don't know who you and you don't know me but i don't like people talking shit about my friends.

You are not prepared to die trying, you will.

And if i find you, you'll drop like a sack of spuds.

*He puts down his radio but keeps it next to him*

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  • Sapphire

*Clay turns on his radio*

HA! You know how many people have said that... Wow. You're not the first and you wont be the last. But you will have the same fate. Hope your brothers nice and cozy 6 feet under. You better find me before I find you son.. *laugh*

*Laughs and shuts off the radio*

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*Beau flips radio switch and lets out long sigh* 

Ya know CLAY Diamond, not Mr. Diamond *laughs*...

Many people have said those things to you but am I the only one who has came close? Ya know, shot you in the back and it miraculously went straight through your chest and out the other side... Ripping through everything in it's way, destroying you from the inside out as you look do- *Beau cuts his voice and you hear a THUD from the radio being thrown and in the background Beau talking* What the hell is wrong with me? I'm a chef from Canada and only one year here.... I'm turning into something as bad as the others... This isn't me...

*Beau walks back over to the radio and grasps it into his hands aggressively*

Clay Diamond... You are a coward when you have 10 men by your side in case you might be on the other end of the stick... which you will be soon. I won't torture you... *laughs* Physically that is... but think about what you have done, and think about how every person you meet may be plotting against you... Think how they can do ANYTHING since they are by your side... You trust people which is going to be your fatal mistake...

*Beau flips radio switch off and starts throwing more sticks into his bag, then taking out a paperpad and a pen to write in his journal*.

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