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Surviving Together - A Series of Stories.

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  • Titanium

Looking forward to it.

I forgot about my thread, glad it's still inspiring someone to create their own stories!

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  • Sapphire



“Stop right there boy! Put your hands where I can see them!” , shouted a silhouetted man with beams of light shining behind him on top of what seemed to be a tall wall. “State why you're here.. What’s your name?”

“Fra-... Frank. That’s my name.” Frank nervously replied with his hands above his head.

“Well… Nice to meet you Frank.”, the silhouette said in a more relaxed tone,“I’m assuming you want to come inside?”

Frank lifted his hand slightly up blocking the beams of light so he could get a clear image of the mans face,“You could say that. I want no troub…”

Before Frank could finish his sentence the man interrupted,“Calm down boy, we know you mean no harm”, he turns his head from left to right glancing at the people on the wall with a smirk on his face,“I’m pretty sure most of us folk already realize that.”  The man laughed with the others joining him a few seconds later.

Frank had enough. He noticed that it all seemed like a game for those standing on the wall so Frank raised his voice and exclaimed, 

“I have been through hell. All we want is somewhere to sleep for the night. Somewhere that is safe. But if you keep us out here any longe…”

“Hang on a minute.”, the figure interrupted,“We, who’s we? You got people with you?”

The figure signaled the others on the wall via hand gestures, telling them to get into position. One after the other, they cocked their weapons.

Shaking with fear. Frank pleads. 

“Don't shoot! Don't shoot!", Frank takes in a gulp of air then continues to explain,"There are four of us, five including me.

They are just down beside the road. They are unarmed."

The silhouetted figure remained silent until thirty or so seconds had passed. A decision was made,“If we are going to let you in, we can't have any trust issues. If you're lying to us, to me. You won't be stepping foot around here again. You hear me!?"

With confidence, Frank replied,"You got it."

Straight after he agrees to the mans terms, Frank faces the opposite way of the wall and whistles signaling his friends to come out.

The two men on the wall who were operating the lights point them further up the road, trying to get eyes on the other four that were walking up. As they reached Frank the silhouetted man asked for their names. Frank stated their names, starting from the one closest to him. 

“This is Cara. That is Michael. The red head is Amber. And her at the end, that is Tess.” 

After Frank had introduced them, they all did a little wave to the people on the wall.  The silhouetted figure slowly turned his head, 

almost like he was examining the four of them. 

Frank checked up on his friends until the lights switched off on the top of the wall.

“Hello? What the fuck man, don’t just leave like th...” before Frank could finish his sentence. A loud screeching noise came from the wall. Bright beams of light came gushing out.  It was no wall, but a gate.

The five of them, all uneasy, creep up towards the gate. As they approach the entrance, a big broad man holding a rifle introduces them. 

“Welcome. You can call me Donny. Make yourself comfortable, enjoy it while it lasts.”

With a great big welcome, they walk inside.

The sight of new faces, some that were spotless, clean as they’ve ever seen. Not worrying about a single damn thing.

 “I think we are going to be okay here.” Tess had said with a smile and tears of joy. 

"Agreed." both Amber and Michael said. 

“I think it’s time that we call some place home.” 

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  • Titanium

A nice introduction to what I am sure will be many more.

It'll be interesting to learn the story of these characters.

Keep it going, Franklin.

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  • Sapphire

A nice introduction to what I am sure will be many more.

It'll be interesting to learn the story of these characters.

Keep it going, Franklin.

Thanks man. There's a lot coming so get ready <3

And for everyone else. There were some duplicates of sentences. They have been fixed... hopefully.

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  • Sapphire

This is really good Franklin, looking forward to more.

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