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S2 - Novy RDM Attempted KoS? 23:07

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Server and location: 

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  10-26-15 23:07

Daytime or Night-time: Morning

Your in game name: Joffrey Reed

Names of allies involved:  Dynamic Group, fellahs named Dr. Todd Roberts I think.

Name/Skin of suspect/s: Unknown

Suspects weapon/s: Unknown

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 

 Shows the incident only 

Video 2 is being uploaded.. it was a 20-40 minute ordeal in total so it takes while to to post that shtuff to youtube.

Detailed description of the events: Dr. Roberts and myself were a dynamic group, we met in GM randomly, and he agreed to help me root out any religious evil that we may come upon. As fate would have it, we did run into DISGUSTING, EVIL, RELIGIOUS PEOPLE EWWWwww, By the name of Sven, a very kind swedish man who we talked to. Sven was accompanied by a fair lass, whos name escapes me at the moment, but she was of the Chernarus Post, and she had a letter for me. I digress... Anyway, Roberts and I find out Sven is religious, so we point guns at him an try to convince him to not be religious. During our hostile talks, a gunshot rings out and breaks my leg.  Purely okay if it were Svens men if they were within range of our initiation and all the other Rule jargon that applys... But sadly, after talking to Sven OOC after the event, he said he had no one with them... So it would seem we had a person who saw the event unfold, and with not a word... took a shot at me. It made the RP rather awkward.. but we got back on track soon enough. I just want to know: Who shot me?  And why not RP after you did? OR..before.... considering they were "technically" hostages, and one would expect you would want the hostages to come out alive and well.  Thanks!

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[spoiler=Joffrey Reed]Line 604: 18:56:48 | "Viktor Rameirez SHOT Joffrey Reed by b95_Black into RightLeg."

Line 605: 18:56:48 | "Joffrey Reed STATUS S::500 B::4500 H::4800 HP::0."

Line 606: 18:56:48 | "Viktor Rameirez SHOT Joffrey Reed by b95_Black into RightLeg."

Line 607: 18:56:48 | "Joffrey Reed STATUS S::1000 B::4000 H::4600 HP::0."

Line 608: 18:56:48 | "Viktor Rameirez SHOT Joffrey Reed by b95_Black into RightLeg."

Line 609: 18:56:48 | "Joffrey Reed STATUS S::1500 B::3500 H::4400 HP::0."

Line 610: 18:56:50 | "Joffrey Reed STARTS BLEEDING."

Line 612: 18:57:26 | "Joffrey Reed STOPS BLEEDING."

[spoiler=Viktor Rameirez]Line 604: 18:56:48 | "Viktor Rameirez SHOT Joffrey Reed by b95_Black into RightLeg."

Line 606: 18:56:48 | "Viktor Rameirez SHOT Joffrey Reed by b95_Black into RightLeg."

Line 608: 18:56:48 | "Viktor Rameirez SHOT Joffrey Reed by b95_Black into RightLeg."

Chat logs.

Line 752: 19:20:32 | Chat("Viktor Rameirez": Viktor collapses and lies unconcious on the ground
Line 759: 19:21:43 | Chat("Viktor Rameirez": viktor is carried to the house
Line 314: 17:49:31 | Chat("Joffrey Reed": Watches carefully
Line 319: 17:50:25 | Chat("Joffrey Reed": // By the way, you have permission to kill me at any time, for any reason going forward
Line 574: 18:43:59 | Chat("Joffrey Reed": *Stares politely at the bag*
Line 584: 18:46:28 | Chat("Joffrey Reed": // your fine
Line 589: 18:47:39 | Chat("Joffrey Reed"(i: // np
Line 621: 19:01:16 | Chat("Joffrey Reed": *takes it*
Line 656: 19:06:57 | Chat("Joffrey Reed": *writes radio jibberish on a paper*

Connect/Disconnect logs.

Line 518: 18:27:44 | Player "Viktor Rameirez" is connected 
Line 772: 19:23:20 | Player "Viktor Rameirez" has been disconnected
Line 228: 17:33:18 | Player "Joffrey Reed" is connected 
Line 757: 19:21:23 | Player "Joffrey Reed" has been disconnected

Calling Viktor Rameirez into this report for his pov.

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Sven here! Yeah, pretty much what Joffrey said. I had been initiated on by Joffrey so we were RPing in the middle of the street and as his friend was telling God to strike down upon them Joffrey got randomly shot in the legs. We were all terribly confused since neither me or Wallis had any friends around at that moment since we were traveling on our own. The accused Viktor Rameirez is not someone, atleast I, know of from before either, and he was surely not with us at that moment.

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Viktor Rameirez has been Temp. Banned and will have 24 hours to respond to this report.
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Okay, so what happened was I was traveling with Tod Robertson and he hired me as his bodyguard, then he met up with Joffery, they traveled around a bit then they came across two other people then proceeded to hold them up. I had been watching them the whole time and was on coms with Tod Robertson. I understand how it could have been seen as attempted KOS, but Tod robertson was preaching and asking "the god/lord" to smite Joffery and stop his bullets. So I shot him in the leg. I knew my rounds wouldn't kill him and had no intentions of finishing him off.

So to sum it up, I shot Joffery in the leg because I was being referred to as "god" and Tod asked me to stop him from shooting them. But to be clear, I never had the intention to kill unless he decided to harm Tod, since I was hired as his bodyguard. That may not be a valid reason to have shot him, to which I will accept and punishments for doing so, but I was playing out the scenario and thought it within my abilities to shoot him without killing him as it stood.

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Thank you Gradwitz, your temp ban has been removed. Please keep a close eye on this Report.

For more information we call in Tod Robertson to give his POV.

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I ran into Joffery which was an interesting fellow. I could instantly tell he was a wild one and, if he didn't kill me first, would help create an adventure with me. We ran through a few cities and chatted about for about 15 minutes before running into a group.. Mind you my hired sniper was tailing us the whole time covertly.

The group Joffery and I ran into were a male and female which seemed to be very innocent. I insinuated to Joffery about their beliefs, which snowballed into us "holding them up" to search for religious materials. You see Joffery was not religious man, he is actually the opposite, and apparently is firm on coercing people into giving up these "false idol" beliefs.

What happened next was only an attempt to entertain for more RP. In the process of this hold up, I had instructed my sniper to wound Joffery in the leg, only if he was positive he had a clean shot. So.. while Joffery and I were chatting to them about the "situation", I raised my hands in the air and asked the good lord from above that if he was there, to come down and stop the events that were about to possibly portray. This was the key for my sniper to engage and cease the encounter.

As a doctor, I quickly came into play, making sure my fellow companion was okay. Providing a bandage ready and morphine, I made sure my wild accomplice was completely okay, minus some blood loss and probably needing a new pair of pants. Joffery obtained his letter from the courier that he was interrogating, and we split up shortly after as my sniper had to leave for RL stuff.

I felt like it was a great RP from Joffery and thanked him for it when I noticed him in TS. Sorry for the confusion ;)

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Verdict: Viktor Rameirez - Attempted KOS- GUILTY

Reason: After reviewing the evidence provided we as staff have come to the following conclusion.

You met Doctor Robertson and provide your service as his bodyguard, following a good distance behind him. After awhile Doctor Robertson met Joffery and proceeded  to travel together until they reach Sven and his friend somewhere down the line. Joffery and the doctor initiate on the two for religious differences and then our problem starts.

If you take a look at the rules page


You are required to make contact with your victim in some way and you must make your hostile intentions clear. Seeing as you did not initiate on Joffery, and your intention wasn't announced at all  this is considered a rule break in our eyes. While we understand you were trying to further the rp with the actions you took, the outcome was entirely different and made the rp awkward for those involved. Instead of simply shooting Joffery there are multiple things that could've been done to get the same desired effect you were looking for, such as having the doctor initiate on Joffery.

 Due to a rule effectively being broken the following applies:


Attempted KoS - 3 days + 10 points

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