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Lars Henriksson - The Swedish Viral Research Doctor

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Is this thing working?

My name is Lars Henriksson. If you can hear this things have probably gone from bad to worse.

Let me start by saying, stay away from Chernarus. Its not a safe place. But first, send a chopper to pick me up!

I have the location of the vials. I am just gonna go and get them.

*uncoherent roaring in the background*

Please stay tuned to this channel, I will try to contact you again.

OOC: This is the small start of the chronicles of Lars Henriksson´s adventures in Chernarus, trying to find his way home with the cure?

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Lars headed towards the high tower that split the sky at Green Mountain.

-I hope that I can set up my radio transmitter here, the signal must be able to reach the WHO from there.- He thought to himself.

-I just hope that the place isnt overrun with diseased or worse... bandits.

He rumaged through his backpack and picked up a few rounds of ammo he had found on the dead UN soldier from back when the helicopter crashed.

He loaded them into the half empty clip on the AK he found and took a deep breath and headed into the forest, heading west, toward the tower.

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