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Server and location: S3 - Refuge Bus Station

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Saturday - Approx 9:30

Daytime or Night-time: No clue

Your in game name: Mark Knight

Names of allies involved: Vestige

Name/Skin of suspect/s: Yuri Ubiytsa - Profile Name

Suspects weapon/s: N/A

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):  http://i.imgur.com/3LUFwOH.png

Detailed description of the events: So Dimitri Irons aka TheDarkMelon1234 had a group stash that IC he showed to Mikhail Melnik after RPing we were just chilling in TS when Dimitri gets the messages via steam shown in the above screenshot. Now metagaming is using OOC information to gain a benifit IC . IC Mikhail knew were the stash was however he went down there on a charecter that had no IC connection with Dimitri and used the group stash to regear then as seen bragged about it in steam. Now with the obvious OOC drama between us we feel as a group this was done purley as a dig against us. The metagaming is quite clear IMO he knew OOC were the stash was and went and raided it whilst IC his character had no clue about the stash. 

Now do not get me wrong yet he could of just come across it but the screenshot shows that he admits to purposely going down there to regear himself.

We also spoke to Sung and Kattica who confirmed that on the day on S3 Mikhail Melnik did not log in and just to also confirm he alt he used to use as a Reaper alt Igor (Surname Unknown) did also not log on so he again had no clue about the stash.

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Calling Yuri Ubiytsa to this report for their PoV.

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Guest Yuri Ubiytsa


Very much like you, old friend, all my characters are all connected in some way.

Igor Lesnitsky, the character I used to loot the stash, is a Russian terrorist who aided the guerilla movement in Chernarus, and as a result has many contacts within Chernarus. Mikhail Mel'nik, at the time being an AWOL OREL officer, is one of them. Igor supplied Mikhail with weapons to aid him in certain affairs and Igor had gained a regular and loyal custome and business partner.

The two were then separated again until Igor met Mikhail Mel'nik in Vybor after his freedom was bought by Toby AKA Kpopkilla. Igor supplied him with the necessary gear to sustain himself in the triangle. Mikhail then was reunited with Dimitri Irons and Katia Plachkov where he was then brought to the group's stash. Mikhail then contacted Igor concerning the stash, in which a business deal was struck, Igor can take what he wants whilst at the same time supply the stash with the excess product he finds, doing it all behind the group's back.

Now regarding the fact that this was solely based on the OOC drama is false. I've been doing everything in my power to avoid you guys as much as possible. I have not contacted you or any of your group members at all, except for certain occasions. And in no way was I gloating or showing it off, I only, out of the goodness of my heart, made Dimitri aware that I took a couple things from the stash. I thought I was speaking on a friend-to-friend basis with Dimitri, but I guess not.

Edit: Sorry about the late reply. I was composing myself as to not lash out and cause any more unnecessary hate.

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Igor Lesnitsky, the character I used to loot the stash, is a Russian terrorist who aided the guerilla movement in Chernarus, and as a result has 

Hi Mikhail, 

Thank you for your POV and the information given I have a question if you do not mind clearing up.

Q : I checked with the Staff team to see if either Mikhail Melnik or Igor has logged in that day on S3. They told me that neither one of those names connected at all that day.

Staff is it possible to double check the information I was given about the connection logs as I would not want to be wasting the time of Yuri here and the staff team if he did indeed connect on either Mikhail or Igor.

Thank you

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Connection Logs on S3 - 24th October

20:31:12 : Player #1 Igor Lesnitsky connected
20:31:13 : Player #1 Igor Lesnitsky (unverified)
20:31:14 : Verified GUID -snip- of player #1 Igor Lesnitsky
21:15:23 : Player #1 Igor Lesnitsky disconnected

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Well seems there has been a misunderstanding I was told he did not log on with either of the characters but something was obviously missed.

Close the report I do not want to waste any more time.

Simple misunderstanding :)

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