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Lopatino Mobile Library Service


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Lopatino Mobile Library Service.

I need help in education the kids in a fallen world... It's all in our hands people..

I am looking at setting up the Lopatino Mobile Library Service on S2 .

I am asking for you help in locating the following to get us started.. 

2 barrels


As many books and maps you can find.

The 2 barrels will be on the main road at Lopatino and the books will be placed inside.

There will be a pen and paper within the barrel, just sign the paper and note the name of the book, your name and when you're taking in out.

I would like to be able to have a gas can as well so we can drive the books to various locations at advertised times in order to lend books and maps out.

It's a 7 days lending period and the charge is one can of food or a book in exchange.

Please feel free to wave us down.

Desert Gold

Die Verwandlung

Don Quixote



Fairy Tales

Lord Jim

Madame Bovary

Märchen für Kinder


Moby Dick

...are among some of our stock currently.

See you all soon

The Librarian

Our staff driving the truck WILL be unarmed.


Your co-operation is appreciated.

Anyone caught stealing will have their library membership revoked.

Anyone caught being abusive or threatening the library staff will have their library membership revoked.

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  • Diamond

Can you find me Mein Kampf? Or a coloring book. either will do

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  • Sapphire

Can you find me Mein Kampf? Or a coloring book. either will do

Shame on you!

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  • Sapphire

261x312http://www.hfertigbooks.com/covers/c12.jpg[/img]        Any chance?

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It's an interesting idea and I wish you all the best. I am genuinely curious to see if this works out, but I suspect that your barrels and the vehicle (assuming you get one) will not be in your possession after 24 hours (and that is being very very generous).  It is way too close to the NW Airfield and Vybor.

I hope you have at least 1 hidden barrel somewhere away from that town to stash books in.

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I set up the service on my own server.. we had 49 players sign up and take books and over 50 books and 19 maps in 2 barrels... until some scrote nicked the lot and shot the lorry up !!

We were never robbed once and had to revoke only one membership as the player was caught stealing a book!

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  • MVP

I do like this idea, as soon as I get my new rig sorted all come and have a look.

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  • Legend



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  • Emerald

Ill give you the barrels because i have 6 and a tent if you want it.

But if you dont guard them and leave them in the middle of the road they are going to get stolen.

Pm me for cords/location of le barrels.

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  • MVP

I like the idea a lot. Best of luck!

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  • Emerald

Good luck with this, it looks fun. If I find any book and I'm near Lopatino maybe I'll try to find you :)

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