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Stay out of Stary Sobor (Open Frequency)

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*As Chuck barges through the door, to tired to carry on running, he grabs his radio. Trying to calm down both his racing mind and his breathing he switches the radio on, not caring for who can hear or what radio signal it is on. Desperately he starts to speak*

*Panting* Do not go to Stary, stay the fuck out of there. I mean... I haven't done this before... shit, I don't know what I am doing... if anyone can actually here me... Look, if you can hear me just tell me afterwards I gotta get this out.

*Starts to calm down, squeezes radio tighter*

I was at Stary Sobor, it was quiet. I then heard some people talking up by the hospital, said they where going to sleep, thought it best I stay away. As I walk to the fountain, I see someone. Don't recall his name. Slowly more people come out, ah fuck, they could of been hiding the whole time.

Most notably two U.S soldiers appeared, went by the names Sandman and Jackal I think. They seemed real nice, just wanted to 'link' up with the UN. Heard good and heard bad stuff about them. Anyways, This new guy turns up. Acts real weird, scared and feral almost. Gordon? No... Gorbo was his name. Never heard it before. One of the people we met apparently knew him and they hadn't seen each other in months. 'Swell I thought, 'What a nice night, nice people' I even noted to Sandman that it had been a while since I saw this many people in  one place. Then it all fucking happened. 


This was just outside the churches entrance. Apparently Gorbo showed signs of being a cannibal, the soldiers seem to notice something I didnt. Maybe it's their training. So they took it upon themselves to investigate. I thought it wise to stay back but keep talking to try and keep people calm. I told Gorbo to comply, that they where U.S Soldiers. One thing led to another and a different person I met, whom I now recall said he was waiting for friends, shit... shit, shit shit. It was him that started it. He shot Jackal

*Takes a deep, heavy breath*

And then Sandman fired shots at the guy. The guy ran around the church as Sandman took cover in the church. I was dazed and confused I didnt know who to help. I just watched... I couldn't... I shouldn't... what could I have done? It wasn't my fight... It wasn't... 

*Long pause*

The guy takes shots from the other side of the church at Sandman. Sandman then calls for a medic. I scream I dont have anything. At this point I felt that because Gorbo was tied up and defenceless he would just end up getting hurt. So I called him over. A guy that also had been shady before tried to get him lose. He wore a black skull mask. I ran back to see if I could help. Rummaging through my backpack for anything to help as Sandman and the other guy edged closer and closer. I didn't know who to help but I could see them both. It happened so fast, Sandman ran out and shot the guy. He fell with a disgusting thump. I quickly ran up as Sandman fired at his lifeless body screaming 'He fucking killed my friend' I told him I had a bandage. in disbelief I asked if they were dead. I walked back to see if Gorbo and the masked man were okay.

*Another pause, with radio still transmitting, nothing*

*Teeth clenched* The skull mask guy mowed Sandman down. I couldn't hear what he was screaming... it was all some blur... like a ringing in my ear. As the ringing stopped I realised not only was the skull mask guy barking orders at me to get out of here but I was screaming too. I just ran...

*His face starts to go blank*

I didn't run. I stayed in a house. You wanna know why? You want to fucking know why I stayed? Because I was too fucking greedy... too fucking selfish like some sort of vulture. He had an M4 that I was drooling over the moment I saw it. But I couldn't stop for long, my body just said run and the adrenaline was too much. I ran to the edge of town when I noticed a light coming from the other end of town. I decide to keep watch a little longer. Skull mask guy... THE skull mask guy ran up the hill in the distance. I knew these weren't his men. They had started a fire next to the fountain... they didn't see? Oblivious to the bodies not 10 feet away. Too dark. I ran to them, screaming at them to get out of here... that a gun fight had just happened. They asked which direction, I didn't stop running but I answered 'Any, just get the fuck outta here'. I then sped off realising how bad of a situation it was. 


But shamefully, not without check the bodies. Disgusting I am. Nothing they had. I wanted to bury them, but I didn't want to die more so. 

Stay away from Stary... just stay away.

*He lets the button go, tosses the radio to the side and curls into a ball*

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  • Sapphire

*Merik picks up his handset*

Nope. Bandits give do not give us fear, Zbor is doing all it can, Stary will be safe.

*Merik sets down his handset.*

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  • Emerald

*Clancy smiles as he tightens his radio, taking off his helmet speaking into the radio*

"You think people are nice... You met them there and then, and you judge them to be nice people. If you're clever you should know otherwise. The man that shot them people I believe to know as not soon after I met up with him and a group of other friends... From what I heard the "so-called" U.S Soldiers were fakes. I don't care either ways, people wont listen to this, everyone heads to Stary here and there, and one other thing. Greedy fuckers die last, after watching all their friends and family die before them. I'd advise you to change your ways otherwise you will, and I know, you will regret every single selfish thought you've ever had."

*He looks at his friend asleep at the other side of the room*

"You better start making real friends buddy... They'll teach you a thing or two"

*The transmission abruptly ends*

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  • Sapphire

*Garbo overhears Chuck on his radio. Frustrated he attempts to speak*

"Is thi" ... "Garbo Ta" ... "What the f"

*after about a minute of back and forth he finally figures it out*

"Hello, this is your friendly native Garbo. G-A-R-B-O. Those men got what they deserved. Foreign idiots claiming that I'm a cannibal just so they can justify grabbing all my belongings. Let me tell you something mister, people will make up some sick claims to steal your stuff and have idiots like yourself stand there and be ok with it. I'll remember your voice. Until next time.

*relases the button, holding his radio in his hand waiting for any other messages*

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  • Emerald

*Clancy hears a new voice arise on the radio*

"Mr. Garbo, nice to hear from someone who was there. I was led to believe you did nothing wrong? My friend had told me you were utterly abused by these so called "Soldiers"-

*He chuckles*

"Stripped of your stuff. Must have been disgraceful Mr. Garbo. As an American myself, I feel rather ashamed by these men, but patriotism is far behind me now. I'm glad they've been taken care of, but for you Mr. Garbo!? You were in the place for those pathetic men to do such things to you... That is rather shameful in itself"

*The transmission ends abruptly*

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*After calming himself down and listening in for awhile Chuck grabs the radio*

Garbo, glad to hear your okay. Like I said,  I know neither people involved. I didn't know the sides to take AND I helped both. I only ask there not be trouble between us. You seem to have a following and good friendships, I am jealous these are rare. And whomever ever that was speaking before you I have good friends, I know good and bad people. I am not proud of what I did but really I was a bystander. Who was I to help? Should you always take sides?

*After scoffing some beans he continues*

And besides isn't it survival of the fittest. They may not have been army but they seemed to be good. Though so did the friendly people Gorbo was with. I don't know about you but not every fight is my own. In my opinion they had no right to search Gorbo but I had the right as a human being to help the injured.

I have not heard any more shots, I feel it is safe now.

*Takes finger off button and finishes beans*

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  • Emerald

*Clancy smiles as he hears the originals mans voice on the radio again, this time more calmly than before. He decides to respond*

"Whoever you are. I believe you're completely, and utterly wrong. A new world like this, is, survival of the fittest. If you don't believe that, then what do you believe? Do you believe you can just hold onto someone stronger in hope of finding survival? No, of course not. Because they're the sort of people that die. For your information it is safe. I've just been there and there was no sound but the fire crackling in the far end of the town.-

*He takes a peek out of the window before continuing*

"If people seem nice, don't trust them. If they help you and give you things before knowing you. They're not fucking nice. It makes me wonder about people like you. How long you've got left, the days counting by. I'll say again, you need to change your attitude to life my friend... Otherwise, life will ditch you"

*The transmission ends*

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*Confused he grabs the radio again*

Did I not say it was survival of the fittest? and since when did I say they gave me things and I trusted them? When people act good they can very much be good. Most of the groups I joined where because people where nice from the beginning. And what do you mean people like me? People who help others out? People that don't get into needless conflict? I've had the same attitude to life as on day one, and I am still breathing. Some of what you say makes no sense.

*Takes finger off button and waits*

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  • Legend

*Merik picks up his handset*

Nope. Bandits give do not give us fear, Zbor is doing all it can, Stary will be safe.

*Merik sets down his handset.*

*Lewis takes up his radio and holds down his transmit button*

One gunfight gives them fear eh? There are gunfights, murders, tortures everywhere. Still with that logic I should stay away from every place in South Zagoria that has had a gunfight before.

*He releases his transmit button*

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  • MVP

*Jack looks shocked when he heard the man talking about him*

Hello there.. This is Doctor.Fisher and I think you heard me talking in my clinic..

Ive been in this clinic for months.. alot of shit happend but im rebuilding it.. Im not gonna leave because some people try to fight?

Im there to HELP people.. Thank you for warning us.. but I dont think we need it..

*he turns off the radio and continues cleaning the clinic*

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  • Sapphire

*Hugo listens to the full transmission*

You mustn't of been in Stary Sobor before. That town is a real hotpoint for banditry, firefights and tortures. My advice would be to stay out of there. Let the Zbor deal with it. 

*The transmission ends*

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*while lying under a truck changing engine oil, Caleb hears a familiar voice and is concerned with the tone of the message. Caleb grabs the radio lying next to him with his oily hands and pushes the transmit button.

"Chuck, Chuck you there mate? What the fuck is going on? Do you need me and the boys to come up and assist? Just say the word brother, we will be there. Stay safe"

*Placing the radio back down Caleb returns to his work on the truck, waiting in anticipation for a response.

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*Half asleep as the adrenaline leaves his body, Chuck grabs the radio*

That Calib? Man, don't worry about it. I am fine, I just need sleep. Whatever these people say just stay away for now. How are...

*Snoring is heard briefly before the transmission ends abruptly. Chuck topples over asleep, releasing the radio*

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