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Combat Logging - Ban Appeal


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:

I believe there has been a miscommunication in the verdict and that a detail that perhaps was not mentioned clearly has not been taken into account with this verdict.

I did go to the Vybor slave market with my group (Flavberg, Pruski, Helen Kot) and we did leave together. We did get shot at together, but instead of staying in the woods I ran away way before the actual firefight started between them. I was quite a long distance from them, and the initiators, I was hiding in a house as well so the line of sight had been broken for quite some time.

However, I am unsure how long this time was. With the tense situation it felt quite long. At the moment though, it feels very unjust as it looks like I just went to the nearest tree and logged out right after my friends got killed. I left before the situation truly escalated, I did get shot at many times while running initially but I didn't go back to my friends after it stopped, I just kept running and found myself a house to wait in for the area around me to cool down.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

I ran away from my friends some time before the situation went bad and I waited in a house for quite some time, even after they told me in TeamSpeak that they got shot.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

A removal of my punishment.

What could you have done better?:

I should have waited way longer and kept times, perhaps I should start recording as well so I always have evidence, which would make it easier for everyone involved (player and staff).

Thank you.

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Hi Fuchs,

You stated yourself that you were with the group when you began taking shots. According to the video, the first shot would have been the Lewis Slug shooting Helen Kot with an SVD at 23:30:45. That is when the first shot is heard and registered. You stated that you ran away from the situation before the "firefight" actually started. By definition, the firefight started when the first shot was taken. From that time until you logged out was less than eight minutes. Over that time, your entire group was killed excluding yourself.

23:30:45 | Lewis Slug SHOT Helen Kot by SVD into LeftArm.
23:38:03 | Player Baseer ibn Abu has been disconnected

While you may have felt you had waited an ample amount of time before leaving the server, the logs prove this is not the case.

Our rules pertaining to combat logging are quite clear: "Break line of sight with those you committed a hostile act against and wait a minimum of 15 minutes from the time you broke line of sight before logging out."

You may not have committed a hostile action yourself; however, as you and your dynamic group were involved in a firefight, you then have to wait the minimum amount of time. The distance you run after does not matter, nor does the location in which you choose to hide.


Appeal denied.

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