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Whitelist questions


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Above are "incorrect" answers to the questions I was asked. I am quite confused as to why I got these wrong because they are said in the forums, rules, and lore. The first question's answer can be found in the rules about NLR. It says that you are allowed to remember your enemies, and I assumed my enemies were my killers.

The second question's answer can again be found in the rules. It says you are allowed to share KOS rights if you are in a group with someone. So if I'm in a group with my friend why would I not be able to shoot his attacker?

The third question's answer can be found in the forums. http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Sexual-RP-question?page=5

This states that this server has zero tolerance for sexual RP so I'm confused as to why I got this question wrong.

If anyone can help with this, I would greatly appreciate it because I believe I should have passed this quiz and not have to wait 6 hours.

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  • MVP

I'd recommend coming onto the TS and asking a CH for help, or PMing a CH. Also the first link you provided just takes one to their own whitelist page not yours so I'd recommend taking a screenshot and PMing a CH.

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  • Sapphire

It would be easier for you to come into the waiting for help desk to answer these questions.

There are a few CHs on right now that can help you with all this. I was starting to write up each and every aspect of your question

but as stated it would be easier for you to understand when explained via voice.

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1. The link you posted is from 2013, therefore outdated. All you need to know about the rules is HERE: http://www.dayzrp.com/rules

In the rules we we state:


There is no word about "Sexual RP is not allowed" - we clearly say "Rape Rp" is not allowed. Sexual RP is NOT Rape RP!

2. In order to share KoS rights you need to meet some requierements, which also is explained in the rules


3. New life rule - You cannot remember your killer, that means you can´t take revenge on him after he killed you. Which makes sense, because if you get killed ingame and you could remember, the "fight" would never end. It does not make sense roleplay wise to go ingame, you meet your previous killer and you would say "I know this guy, he killed me once"


It is all in the rules. Please read them and if you need some clarification, join TeamSpeak and talk to a member of Staff, or PM a community helper.

Marked as solved

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