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The nights are lonely

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Mick    8

What happened to me?

All my friend have either left me or even worse.. they're dead...

I can't sleep at night because I'm scared

My supplies are running low and Elektrozavodsk is completely empty

All I have is a few seeds left..

If only I had someone to talk to because I'm going crazy!

I can't stand this anymore... 

Why am I still alive?

I have a tall building right next to my house

Sometimes I think about this all night long and when I look out the window I think.. Why not? Just do it, this is no world for a journalist!

But then I think about my memories about my wife and kids

It makes me happy and keeps me warm at night

Memories like how we went to the beach back in California and my son's first birthday and the day my daughter was born

And how I met my wife Lucy... 

Our first kiss...

But after a while I can't help to think that.. They are probably dead...

I cry again...

As I'm writing this I'm on the edge of the tallest building in Elektrozavodsk..

So close to see my wife and kids again

Yet so far away....

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Mick    8

I'll come down to Elektro and catch you.

So you want me to jump? ok... :(


I met someone today...

It was a woman

It was awkward

It didn't feel right...

I wanted to kill her but I also wanted to hug her!

I was scared, could barely talk

Yet she couldn't stop..

She had a pretty smile..

God, what's wrong with me?

I went back to the edge of the building and looked over it again

I really wanted to..

Something is holding me back


I no longer have a purpose here!

I can't do it myself...

Someone needs to do it for me I guess...


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