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Message to any remaining communists [open frequency]

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Corry    205

*Whilst guarding the Shack, Vit reflects on the fight with the Communists earlier, a decides to try and contact any remaining members*

This is a message to any surviving communist freedom fighters, you boys put up a good fight today at the airfield i think i can say that we respect your honor to your cause, your bravery will not go unnoticed that is why i am messaging you today.

*Vit pauses for a bit before speaking again*

to Drahgomir and co, we might work under a different banner but our goals are very similar, we both want to fight towards a safer Chernarus, and i think that together we could achieve that, and once we have achieved that then we can go back to apposing each other, so with that i offer you this, come meet with the Zbor and we can discuss this in a more private form. Now Drahgomir i know you have our radio frequency i would very much like it if you could contact me on it. that is all

*Vit puts down his radio*

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*Jarek picks up his radio, looking around the old broken shack in the forest, his old beret on the floor and presses the transmit button*

No, It's fine. As if we'd fucking trust you now, murderous cannibal bastards. Clearly your safer Chernarus, the one where you murder and kill innocent people is better. You fucking killed our commissar, our premier is sick and it's pretty obvious this is just some sort of ploy to execute the rest of us. Enjoy your new Chernarus.

*Jarek releases the button with a sigh and chucks it into his back before throwing his armband and old beret in the fire and walking out.*

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TheTrueHawk    28

*Hawk, leaning against a wall hears the message come through clear, he scoffs and begins to respond.*

"Why the actual fuck do you still care about politics? The fucking world has ended if you didn't already know that."

*Takes a gander at the sky.*

"You need to get over politics, communism, democracy? All I care is if I live or die..."

*The transmission goes quiet*

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