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"Concentrated Fire"

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Another Green Mountain mishap, seems to be a lot of those...

A group of mine and I were at GM and came across a wide range of people from Doctors to Warlords. You can believe it got quite hectic. I think it is safe to say there were a few people with "loose bolts"... Not including me, of course, I'm an entirely different "problem"... ;) We decided it was safe for everyone if we disarmed the strange ones and locked them away in the Prison portion of the compound as they were getting rather... Unpredictable.  

You're probably wondering what went wrong right about now. 

Well, we had two rogue people refusing to come down from the Radio Tower. An old man, and his son or something. I am not sure nor did I really care for even as something as little as their names. We tried everything in reason's logic. It eventually came down to the only option: Take them by force. And so we did. I specifically said "Keep the old guy alive!" But they did it. They resisted... We had no other option than to shoot. Others would have shot to maim, cripple, or even knock out. 

I shot to kill. 

13 shots point-blank to the heart with my German-made MP5. The kid's stab-protection vest was useless... About 30 seconds later, I found out the old man had been shot to death as well. I asked what had happened with him. He was having an asthma attack when I gave chase to the boy. I identified the bullet wound in his head to be a ricochet... 

I guess what you're wondering is "What's the point to all this?" 

The last option may always be death. You never know until it truly happens. That is why most of us are not prepared for the inevitable. We tried so hard to contain the situation after, but in the end, we had only 2 options...

Let the rest go,

Or kill them all where they stand.

I've already killed a boy, and basically signed the old man off life itself. I commanded the "round-up" in the first place. I am held responsible for these people's lives. 

I am sorry, Maree.

I shall let them go.D39F8172381B28958C25FB0763DBF4CDB3EE799B

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