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Raun Paru

Incorrect IPs.

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dayzrp.com / pw: dayzrp no longer brings up RP1.

None of the IP's I've seen floating around bring anything up.

Yes my stuff's up to date not that it matters, as even if it was

out of date I'd still SEE the server, just wouldn't be able to join.

The Server Information Thread must be outdated because the info on it

no longer brings up RP1 in the "remote" function of the server list.

Can someone please provide the updated IPs and update the

server information thread to included all servers' current IPs?

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Your best bet is to check the 'Home' tab on the forum; those IPs tend to remain somewhat updated when the IPs change.

Additionally, you can filter for an Internet search within the Multiplayer menu (not remote or LAN) with 'dayzrp.com', and it should bring up all associated servers regardless of IP renewal or not.

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