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Keep your head up...

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The woman shifts in her chair, as if in front of an audience of one thousand...

Only one looks at her. The room narrows. Young, naive, focused. His eyes trained on her. His eyes focused on that woman; undivided.

Echoing droplets of water hitting concrete fill the air, as the woman clears her throat.

An eternity passes, or what it seems like. She begins softly, shaky, alive; human.

'Here's the story of a boy, who grew up lost and lonely. Thinking love was a fairytale, and trouble made only for me...'


He looks to her, enveloped by words not spoken, but embedded.

[align=right]She looks up for approval; receiving none. She locks eyes for a fragment.


'Even in the darkness, every color can be found. And every day of rain brings water to things flowing in the ground.'


With eyes watering; the siren song fills his ears, as memories flood back. Glass faced, blocking all connection.

[align=right]Sweat forms. She seeks approval; he is even more lost now. Cease, or continue?

'Grief replaced with pity, for a world barely coping. Dreams are easy to achieve, if hope is all you're hoping to be...'

Immersion reaches a maximum. Feelings of connection, to the woman. Bond; stronger than that of iron and steel.

[align=right]The optical dance begins, as eyes lock. Briefly the bard pauses, only to continue her song.

'Anytime you're hurt there's one who has had it worse around. And every drop of rain will keep you're seeds growing too somehow.'

With emotions taking over, all composure is lost. With a timid blush, ages revert by decades. The lost man’s soul reaching outward...

[align=right]Her move for connection, but she does not look up from her script. Eye contact void, her words sliding out of control.

'So keep your head up, James, honey-...'


His eyes locked on hers, the melody meeting its climax. Tears turned to waterfalls. Information exchanged more than through words. Love, pain, confusion.

[align=right]Her voice fades away, confidence plummeting. A moment of vulnerability arising. The fear of renunciation ever present.

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Well done sir, you managed to do, what many fail to accomplish, to create a good atmosphere of your story.

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