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I've been struggling with a few annoying problems that usually end up distracting me from RP. 

Whenever I'm standing near a lit improvised fire, everything in my screen goes pitch black, and when I look away it takes atleast 10 seconds for it to fade.

Another thing is that my character's hands are constantly shaking, without having either the cold or fever status, or being out of breath. 

I've tried looking up the problem and tweaked the settings but to no result. Am I just a doof and is this part of the game?

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The fire glitch is sadly an ongoing bug and I've not seen any fixes.

In regards to the shaking, you have to stand next to a burning fire for at least 10 minutes, which should eventually get rid of it. If you ignore it, then you may receive the Hypothermia bug and die. It's always important to get rid of the shaking whenever you can. I think how it works is that the "Cold" indicator does not show for some reason and if you leave it, it will update and go straight to freezing/hypothermia.

 I recommend keeping a raincoat in your bag, saves a lot of hassle.

Do you feel that you have received the answer you've been looking for?

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Glad I could answer your question. Marking as /Solved.

If anyone happens to find a potential fix for the fire bug, feel free to post it here. 

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Another suggestion for the shakes, which I usually do, is get a wool coat and wear it. That usually will get rid of the shaking.

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