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David Bonaparte

Looking for my brother [Open Frequency]

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*Chongren Wong picks up a radio left behind in a military barracks near Kamensk, thinks about his brother he lost after being overrun by the infected and hopes he'll be able to find him again with the help of this new found radio. Chongren looks at his radio and is a bit scared to push in the transmission button, afraid he'll discover his brother died*

*Sighs* Jay, I hope I'll find you ... Alive...

*Chongren pushes on the transmission button and starts talking*

Hello, this is Chongren Wong .. I repeat ... this is Chongren Wong

I am looking for Jay Wong, I am his brother.

Any information concerning Jay Wong would be helpful and much appreciated.

Please let me know whether he is alive or not ...

Please let him know if you are his friend that his brother Chongren still is alive and looking for him.

 *Chongren repeats the same message over all frequencies in the hope it would reach his brother*

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Jamie stops by the roadside and leans against the wall. He slings his bag and slowly slides down the wall onto the floor. He sighs and looks through his bag, picking up his radio. Hearing the man on the radio, he lifts the radio to his mouth and talks in a calm tone.

Wong eh? I thought he was the last one. You one of the fuckers out to kill him eh? Doing a real shitty job, he's still walking isn't he? I'd rethink your methods, this is clearly a poor one. 

He chuckles and continues flicking through the frequencies, eventually finding the right one. 

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*Chong Ren has mixed feelings after hearing the man, his brother is still alive? People are trying to kill him?

In the hope of getting more information he pushes in the transmission button*

I do not know what you are talking about sir, what do you know about my brother?


Are you his friend or his foe ... ?

*Ends the transmission*

*Chong Ren starts thinking deeply about what he just heard and wonders who this man talking over the radio is*

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And just when I thought it was all over.. Hmm..

Well... Mister Chong Ren or well, if you're actually Chinese like Wong, I guess Wong Chong Ren would be more accurate no?

I assume like him, you dont speak the native language of the mainland like I do. So I'll make this quick.

He is a wanted man, depends on who's asking. He can be more than just... A human, but I guess you would know that... Hahaha..

Ta Zou Guo Si Wang De Gu, Zui Hou Hai Bu Shi Yi Ge Si Ren

他走过死亡谷, 最后一个死人

hehehe.. good luck 

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*Chong Ren pushes on the transmission button*

'You are right, like my brother I do not speak Chinese and I do not know what you just said ...

We didn't grow up in China I'm afraid ...

You seem to know my brother, who's looking for my brother? 


Can someone answer this SIMPLE question?'

*Transmission ends*

*Chong Ren stares into a broken mirror barely recognizing himself and bursts out*

'AAARGH these people ... What's going on Jay? What trouble did you get into?'

*Smashes his fist into the broken mirror breaking the mirror further, his fist starts bleeding and while blood is dripping down on the floor he yells*


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In the middle of cleaning his weapon, Covert hears the message from Jay's supposed Brother. He grabs his radio, holds the talk button down, and begins to speak.

Well, it seems the Wong's are no longer an endangered species. Here's the thing, there are a lot of people coming after my friend right now, and I'm afraid I cant trust a stranger with his location. How can I be sure that this isn't another attempt by Black Sky? Fuck knows they'd try some desperate shit like this.

Covert releases the talk button and tosses it back onto the sleeping pad he calls a bed. He takes up his weapon once again, and begins to clean the barrel.

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*Chong Ren hears the man talking and starts smiling*

A friend .. ? Finally.

*He pushes on the transmission button and starts talking*

Your friend? Alot of people coming after Jay?

I am happy to hear Jay still has friends looking out for him ... Friend.

I do not know who Black Sky is and I presume that they are after my brother, but rest assured I am his brother.

*Chong Ren Pauses, thinks about what he'll say next*



Many months ago we lost each other and I was forced to take my chances north.

Mention Yin to my brother and tell him to meet me where we last saw eachother.

And please ... Friend ... Please tell me my brother is safe ...

*Transmission ends*

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Rex was sitting against a tree,hugging his knees to his chest as he gazed out over a field near vybor. His cold, emotionless eyes observing a small rabbit, which darted in and out of a hole near the middle of the field. His gaze was only broken as his radio crackled to life and his attention shifted to the many words that passed from its speaker. Eventually, he decided to speak. 

Rex, a soft smile upon his lips, spoke into the keyed radio.

"Hello...my name is Rex. It is lovely to hear from one of Jay's relatives...I look forward to meeting you in the future. Jay is fine,I assure you. And I am no enemy of his..."

His gaze shifted once again to the busy rabbit.

"If you find me...you'll eventually find your brother. He has a...talent for running into me quite often..."

Taking his finger off the TALK button, Rex once again set his eyes upon the overly active hare. A small, toothy grin adorned his already present smile.

"I love making new friends..."

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how unfortunate... hm... another Chinese in Chernarus that doesn't speak the language, well it doesn't matter.

play your cards right kid, and get off the radio. you're playing a dangerous game here, talking about your brother.. on the waves.

Bare this in mind kid... someone is always listening, and this little radio wave thing... caused one too many deaths..


good luck

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*You hear a thick, deep russian accent.*

You're a Wong.

To me, that means I couldn't give a fuck.


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*The courier hears the mindless banter amongst flipping through the channels and grins to herself at the mention of the Surname. Before long, she's motivated enough to pick up the radio and reply calmly.*

"Many men, women, children all cry out for Wong's blood."

*Laughter cackles from her end, shaking her head and smirking with the last words*

"If you'll know what's good for you, leave Chernarus, 'fore it swallows you whole. Like it has so many others."

*Transmission End*

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Ender Star is resting in his truck, after having had a chat with some people he met.

Chong, I have been listening to your broadcasts, and kept it in mind.

Ender smiles, thinking of Jay Wong's reaction when he was told of the broadcast.

I told him you're alive. Now you'll just have to stay that way until he finds you.

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