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Diaboli Fortuna: The Devil's Fortune

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"Fortune knocks but once, 

but misfortune has much more patience"


"How much more pain can one person take 

before they finally give up completely 

and just end it"

Kenway "Fortune" Lee

I look on wood and hill and sky,

              Yet without any tears,

To the warm earth I bid good bye

          For what unnumbered years.

So many times my spirit went

     This dark transfiguring way,

Nor ever knew what dying meant,

          Deep night or a new day.

So many times it went and came,

        Deeper than thought it knows,

Unto what majesty of flame,

      In what wide heaven it goes.

[align=left]I missed life back home, I missed home where I knew everyone, where everyone knew me. I remember the sun, the snow, the rain, the warm feeling of being by the fire with her. That was where I called home, not Singapore, just that little wooden cottage in Sweden with her. Silent, quiet, where the air is fresh, where the river is clear, where the only sounds are the sounds of nature. That's what I remember, that's what i loved. To be with the girl I loved, to be with the world I know I fit in. A life waiting for me back home, a place i know I would go to after this apocalypse.

[align=left]"Will you wait for me to come home? I promise you, this will be the last job I take. When I finish... I'll quit, I promise you"


"You always say that Kenway.. But you just keep getting promoted and you just keep earning more cash, you keep leaving... I can't do this anymore, so many broken promises, so many lost words"

[align=left]"I know... I disappointed you. I know I'm not the perfect boyfriend... But perhaps.."

[align=left]"Perhaps what?"

[align=left]"I'll be a better fiance... My love.. Will you marry me?"

[align=left]I was suppose to leave the parliament after that job, after Chernarus. After coming home from work, I would resign from my post and finally get down to marry her. But that didn't happen. Well.. Life doesn't work the way I thought it would, it never does. 


The Devil's Fortune: Diaboli Fortuna

There is a monster which lurks in everyone of us, for me, that monster came out from under the bed the day she looked at me in the eyes. Her quiet eyes, accompanied by the silence of her voice, it was at that moment I saw the devil. 

I was never a believer of the monsters that lurk under the world, but the way she stared at me, the way I felt when the cold steel touched my arm, I saw the monsters lurk, the shadow smile and the darkness overwhelms me. 

I couldn't remember what happen afterwards, I dawned on the mask of a murderer, the mask of a killer. The mask of the Reapers, over my face. In pure darkness, hidden and crushed I was led by one man. A man who showed me a world more grim, a man who turned me into something more than just a human. A creature without a face, The Faceless....

My name is Kenway Lee, I'm what they call a bandit informant, the worst kinds of people that lived in this world. Trust is my weapon, lies are my tools and a man's sanity and his mind is my best ally. Countless times, I have betrayed, relayed and caused pain and injuries to other, the same way she done to me. I lurked my entire time in this group who called themselves The Reapers, convinced I was one of them, I place my life on the line for them. For their sadistic causes and their unrighteous, immoral causes.... But I don't regret it, I never did... And I probably never will.

When it came to an end, my family scattered, some kept in contact, others disappeared into the wind, gone like leaves in the wind. I found myself on the verge of death, so many days I turned from what made me who I am. I became a... "Nicer" human being, I reverted from a monster into a human. I helped... And tried to redeem myself. Or so I thought, you see the once you dance with the devil, when he place his hands around your hip and hold you by the wrist, you best be sure... He doesn't let go.

I learned that lesson the hard way, just when you think you finally gotten free. The hands of fate, the undying grip of the Devil always come back. I thought I made enough headway to finally redeem myself of my sins, but I miscalculated how greatly those sins wage on my non existent soul.

No matter how much I do, I remained a monster.. And soon the withdrawal got to me, it simply felt...


To not do what I was trained to do, to not be who I know I am. A creature.. So far beyond the curve, he long forgotten the line he was never suppose to cross. Well.. That's what the world is like nowadays, you see monsters, you see demons, souls of the broken and anger of the fallen. What can be simply worst than a bandit? A murderer? No..

Everyone see the hands which caused pain, the gun which fire the bullets, the bomb who killed the thousands.

No... The true monster is the man who set up the murder, that's the Devil in disguise. The man behind the death of so many, the man who sits back in his chair whilst he watch his brothers and his victims fall and die. A man who stood and watched bullets get exchanged and still feel no... Guilt. That is when I realized, a dance with the devil, might last me forever. 

Even the strongest beings succumb to temptation, a quick released. Perhaps that's why I called myself Fortune, not to symbolize the idea of good fortune no.. That's an excuse,

 You see Fortune Knocks but just once, he doesn't wait, misfortune? Well... She comes after, much more patient, waiting and stalking for the right time to strike. But there is always a trend in this little luck cycle...

Misfortune always come after fortune knocks.

That's the art form of fortune itself, is that no matter what happens. Misfortune and fortune comes together, but what happen when the day comes to an end, and the sole aspect of fortune cries out to the heavens? 

When he himself is found at the end of the day, he needed to cry out for some kind of salvation. There was no reply from God, for she wasn't there, for she have forsaken him. So he turned to the next best thing, the Devil... 

Because well... A dance with the Devil, might last you forever, but damn straight if it isn't the best feeling you get in the world. Pleasure is after all.. A cardinal sin.

It felt great, the initial feeling of being with the Devil, it felt so familiar. It felt so pleasurable, so satisfying yet so... Hollow and painful at the same time, you see. The Devil fell from heaven when he rebelled against God, when mankind rebels against itself, when mankind becomes it's own adversary. The feeling of rebellion, of pleasure and pain, of power and weakness, of love and hatred, they all come flushing in. You feel as if you're back home, you're in the place you want to be. And that was the way I saw life after that day, I rebelled against the life and morality of the old world, I became...

The Devil's Fortune.

"There are preachers who kill.

There are killers who preach.

There are teachers who lie.

There are liars who teach.

Take your pick, dear.

Cause it's all a facade"

-Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

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Lovely work. I'm very much looking forward to seeing where this goes.

thank you

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