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Mr. Beau Amariti

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Ascent_rain    3

October 1st 2014

My name is Beau Amari, and today's date is October 1st 2014. My parents said I should keep a journal for my journey to my new homeland so I never forget anything. I leave for the flight at 4:30 A.M. tomorrow morning to some country called Chernarus. There is a city called Chernogorsk there in the south that is supposebly the next up and coming city with huge profits projected in the next 10 years. It is a city by the sea so it will hopefully have some big fish to catch. Here in Toronto, the elk and deer are about the best thing to hunt.

I'm not too good with enclosed spaces, heights, or planes so I'm going to need a few sleep-aids for the near 12 hour flight there. I am going to be working as a head chef in the International Hotel there until I scavenge up enough money to open my own restaurant there. From what the website says, I'll be working on the top floor with my own personal office on the 14th floor north side. The hotel even offered me half off nights since I will be basically living there for a couple years. 

Hopefully everything goes well on the flight as it is 8:30 P.M. now so I need my rest. I forgot to log that yesterday was my 23rd birthday, so whoop whoop partay'! 

October 5th 2014

The flight went quite terrifying... but well. I slept through most of it except for the descent and landing which were not enjoyable by any means. The rooms here are really nice and the location is, too. I have only tried two restaurants here and one was bad and the other was meh. Then again though, I have to adapt to their food I suppose. I start work tomorrow and I am pretty excited for it. There has been some interesting things on the news about explosions and fires going on in the western region of Chernarus, but looks like any other news you would see on TV. I have met some of my coworkers and they seem pretty nice but only one speaks English. It's about 9:30 P.M. so today is a short write-up but tomorrow will make up for it I'm sure!

October 6th 2014

Work today was very odd in the term of food preparation and since I didn't learn how to make many Chernarusian meals in the Le Cordon Bleu. I had to make something called "Kasha" which consists of oats and grains with porridge stirred together for some kind of stew. Things sure are different here, and the kitchen has been giving out large amounts of free canned foods to be people along with bottled water, same with every eatery and pub in this city. It's probably some holiday, who knows. The kitchen is much nicer than any gourmet one back in Canada that I'd seen, then again though I was only in Toronto. I can't believe I'm saying this but I am beginning to like this place. Thank goodness I brought my iPhone though, the music here is terrible. Get some Katy Perry and Maroon 5 playing up in here! I don't have much to write about since I'm only in the kitchen. Off to bed.

October 10th 2014

I forgot to post the last few days because of my busy schedule but boy have some things happened? I have been watching the news more often recently and there has been more chaos, I have bought a dictionary and map of Chernarus and learned some new cities and words, maybe when I buy my car I can drive around the country side a bit, who knows. But on the news, the reporter's name is "Marta" in English, she has been speaking about "civil unrest" and other things that were said too fast for me to keep track of. There was word on there of "disease growing" in the north and north west, but it is expected to be fine and taken care of. I knew this country had bad health care but I'm hoping it isn't that bad. They are showing homemade videos on TV of civilians throwing bottles of fire at police and armed forces.

The residents of Chernogorsk have seemed more uptight and less friendly this week compared to my arrival, maybe it was just hype for the new guy coming to town... doubtful. I have this feeling in the back of my head that I should take an early vacation but I'm not sure how the hotel would like that. I'm sure everything will be fine, I mean there is over 2 million people in this country, if shit hits the fan then we can prevail. I somehow got past security with my 9mm on the plane that my buddy in Vancouver gave me, which I now keep underneath my pillow at night. I hav ebeen looking for ammunition shops or gun shops to purchase some more ammunition for it but there doesn't seem to be any around here.

October 11th 2014

Today things got out of hand a little bit, I was taking the elevator up to the kitchen and it stopped while all the lights shut off in the building. I am claustrophobic which is especially bad when you're in this situation. I just shut my eyes and about 10 minutes later everything was back to normal though the other chefs and waiters/waitress' were panicing and according to my expert Chernarussion translation, they talked about the powerstation and gunshots. I never heard gunshots but I suppose it might be possible. I went outside tonight to walk on the dock and maybe try out my new fishing rod, but there were no fishermen and only boats that were already on the horizon.

I just woke up and it's 2:32 A.M. and there is gunfire outside sounding to be on the outskirts of Chernogorsk, and alot of screaming inside city limits. Currently I have my 9mm in one hand, pen in one hand, and notebook in my lap. The door is locked both ways and I put a chair underneath the handle so no one nosy can get in. The gunfire just stopped and it's 4:22 A.M. and I just scheduled the earliest flight out which is going to be on the 13th. To be honest, I can't wait to get out of dodge because this is like nothing I've seen before. I am cancelling work tomorrow in case of any breaches into the building.

October 12th 2014

I woke up to turn on the TV today and Marta said the disease has spread so badly and mutated that the military has been called and the government has called for a national emergency, requesting aid from foregin countries. It was about 8:30 A.M. when the first shots were fired of the day, and I peaked out the window which is going to turn out to be the worst decision I could have made. Gunshots started popping and cracking by the hotel which is when I dropped to the floor and rising slowly up to peak out the window. There was a blockade of military vehicles, barbed wire, and on one side was the military and the other with rebels and civilians firing upon their own crowd and the military vehicles.

This is when the thought hit my head: If their goal is to kill as many as possible, a hotel is a giant target in the middle of a big city because of the amount of tourists. I started my way up to the kitchen and collected s many bottles of water and canned goods as possible and headed back down to my room and dumped everything in a corner. I then tipped the dresser on its side and pushed it in front of the door after locking it, then put the chair on top of the dresser with the leg of the chair blocking the handle so it couldn't turn. I broke some of my desk pieces into stick/log pieces and put them i front of the window for more protection. The rest of the day led to listen to gun fire, screaming, and rationing the supplies I had. 

The gunfire and screaming seemed to be growing closer, which is when I looked out the window as about 8 hours had passed since I last looked and the blockades had pushed to the damn center of town, and there were snipers on the rooftop of the courthouse. The military and police had grown in size but the crowd and near doubled. The authorities had more than four weakness points where the rebels were taking fire from and the authorities couldn't last much longer it seemed. The TV news had a emergency warning that I took a picture of an translated it to "EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY, THIS IS NOT A DRILL... CIVIL UNREST CODE RED, AVOID POPULATED AREAS, DISEASE IS WORSENING." I spent the rest of the day with my gun aimed at the door and my eyes focused at the TV screen. It turned night and I passed out.

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Ascent_rain    3

October 15th 2014

It's been a couple days since I last wrote in this, but only because the same thing has been happening. But there has been much much more at the same time... My flight is late so it should be here tomorrow hopefully. I have been eating and drinking canned goods and bottled water for 3 days straight now and haven't touched my door once. The rebels and civilians stormed the hotel finally and if it was possible, it's gone downhill ever since. The authorities and military have evacuated the city from what I can tell from being overrun.

I've never shot anyone let alone killed, and I 'm hoping to keep it that way. The only reason why I would is to defend myself and protect my own life or someone else's. My door was knocked on twice today, and I don't know who it was but they were screaming in a language that sounded like Chernarussian. I stayed silent with my finger on the trigger waiting fo them to try and break through the blockade which wouldn't happen. There has been shots fired in the hotel throughout the day and screaming.

I don't know what to do and if I will be able to leave but I am praying somehow I can. I don't have anything else... I'll write up when I'm in the plane tomorrow I suppose. Out.

October 15th 2014

Plane is coming today hopefully... I have already packed my bags up about to try and fight my way out, but the shooting and violence has only increased here. I am taking the stairway emergency route to the lobby where I am going to run across to the pub next door and ditch the pub through the back door. Sketchy but hopefully promising. If it works then the plane should be able to land on the docks or water since it's a water landing plane and we will escape on takeoff in about a 2 minute period so the rebels and civilians can't get to us in time. I am hoping that this works, I just packed my waters and canned goods... Now taking down my blockade, my floor sounds silent... more than yesterday that is. Let's do thi--

At that moment, Beau looked out his window and dropped his journal and pen in his backpack and strapped it on his back. He saw the plane coming towards the city and he smiled slightly. The plane looked to be lining up a landing either on the docks or in the water, an then Beau heard yelling and looked down in the streets to people waving their hands up at it to get the pilot's attention. Then a single gun shot went off a few stories below Beau and the plane suddenly positioned itself away from the docks and straight for the hotel. 

Beau could see a bullet hole in the windshield but no pilot, maybe  he got out or ejected somehow. The plane was not turning or stalling or anything, Beau's smile quickly transitioned into a gaping mouth and he started to run for the door to escape and take down the rest of his barricade. Then he heard the hotel shaking as the tiny plane got closer, he turned around and then dove for his desk but it was too late. The plane crashed into the hotel and Beau fell 12 stories through debris and landed on his back in the rubble. He held up his hands and examined them as they were covered in blood, and he tried to get up only to scream instead, and hell laid back down, looking up at where his room once was. There was still debris coming from the hotel and Beau tried his best to dodge them.

He twisted and turned in pain to avoid being hit and in the process looked at his leg and seeing his shin bone appearing to be "popping up" on his pants. There was no bone visible but his pants were bloodied. He turned his head from his leg to back up in horror from the sight, then looked up and a rock fell on his head throwing him into unconsciousness. He kept blacking in and out, and woke up to a man at his legs, digging him out of the rubble and then moving to his face and saying "You're going to be okay... I'm a doctor." He pulls Beau out of the rubble and starts to drag him to the hospital, Beau fading in and out of consciousness to look at his leg and surroundings, his head hurt badly and leg even worse. He finally arrived at the hospital completely unconscious and the doctor did his best for his leg and stuck an IV into his arm and a pillow under Beau's neck. Beau woke up 2 days later to crutches next to his bedside, his backpack, and a stack of beds and some desks piled onto the doors. He looked at his now wrapped leg and rubbed his neck. Beau eats and lays back down with a water in his hands and tries to rest. Leaving all tasks for another day, speechless...

//ooc here. If this offended anyone at all or "got to anyone", then it is my apolgies and I will take it down if you would like me to. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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Ascent_rain    3

October 4th 2015

It's been a couple months since my last journal log... and there is good reason for it... Half my tongue is missing, and I have a "Diamond" engraved in my left shoulder. I managed to take some of my painkillers and try to cut the skin off... it didn't work to say the least. I cut it up real nice though, it doesn't resemble what it was any more. There is a man named Clay Diamond out there... he hangs out a a mountain called "Green Mountain". I was taken hostage by them and was made an example of. The made me hisss in front of them with my newly cut fork shaped tongue. Norman Casey is one deceiving son of a bitch.

They both managed to work together and trick me... I've never experianced such pain or evil people. I am holding in my anger for the time being, and I've lost what means the most to me... my taste buds, at least for now. If I see either of these assholes again then they are going to be on the opposing end of the gun. Why am I writing this? I have never acted like this, I don't know what is wrong with me... I feel something like a hanging cloud of anger that is over me that won't leave my head, and I have dreams with Clay Diamond and Norman in them and replaying what I could've done differently. 

I've never killed anyone and I want to keep it that way, hell... I've never thought of killing anyone let alone torture them and do such things.... it's awful. If I see Clay again though... I don't know what I'll do.

//The next few posts are going to be a year after the apocolypse started, the timeline is going to be messed up but afer these posts I will be going back in order from October 2014 onwards. I'm writing these few posts so I don't forget the exact details.

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Ascent_rain    3

October 29th 2015

It's been a year or so since this shit started... and one major stepstone has happened in my life... I have gotten cut up on both arms, a cut up my back, and half my tongue cut out for being a "snitch" *writing gets more jagged and dark from anger*. Clay won't know what's coming to him... No no no...

I met a group today... The Northern Line. We made an agreement to help me find and capture Clay Diamond for a talk... Not for execution or hurting but for mental torture. He will crack and he will break down... I am not a violent person, at least that's what I tell myself. I killed a deer the other day that gave me plenty of meat for the next month or two, I buried it in a drybag underground to keep it frozen/cold. 

I hope the plan goes accordingly... I can't write much as my mind is in another place write now, but this is all I have right now. I have to sleep... I have to...

*Beau lays down under his stick and mossy shelter with fire dug into the ground, and drifts into sleep*

November 2nd 2015

Today is the day... we are going to be approaching the compound at daybreak, they seize everyone while I wait to avoid any violence or gun fire... I have already left all my weapons outside to avoid temptation.... I have so many feelings I've never felt, fear being one... Tate goes in first, then the others, then me... let's do this...

*10 minutes later, the Northern Line seized the compound, taking everyone in handcuffs and restraints. Beau went in last to look for Clay and Norman Casey in the compound... His main priority being Clay, but Norman would be a bonus. Beau walks into the admin building past Tate and his men holding people against walls struggling to restrain them, doing whatever possible. Beau clinches his fists and enters the building, hearing Clay's voice upstairs being interrogated by Daniel. Beau walks up stairs with shivers all over and whispers to Daniel "He's mine...". Beau is shaking but calms himself down in a deep breath of anger.

"Looks like you finally got me Beau... now what are you going to do?" That question pondered my mind for weeks.... even months, and I never knew until right in that moment... "Shut your fucking mouth you piece of shit". Beau picks up Daniel's sword he left against the railing and he drags it, making screeches. Beau examines the sword and says "You say you're unstoppable? You are very ignorant you son of a bitch..." Beau walks to Clay and puts the sword at his throat, slightly applying pressure but not enough to draw blood.

"I've never killed a man, Clay. You've killed over 30 though, right? That being with all your men by your side risking you might be at risk otherwise... looking all of them in the eyes before they die at the end of your weapon of choice... You are pathetic friend... Beau spits in Clay's face and punches him hard in the face 4 times in a row, dragging him back up after each blow only for him to be struck again. "This is for the things you've done to innocent people Clay..." Beau sticks out his tongue and shows Clay what it looks like, then readjusts the sword so the tip is at the middle of his throat. 

"You've made me who I am Clay, and this day has been coming to you for a LONG time... now you will pay" Then the Northern Line men call up "Beau! Hurry your ass up! We're taking fire!!" Beau shouts back "Just a second..." Beau shushes Clay as he tries to talk, then says "You will feel everythin, bud." Clay responds back "You will be searched for and you will die for this Beau... People will look for you until you are dead..." Beau looks at Clay...

Beau stares Clay in the eyes and responds "Bring em'..." Then winks as Clay and grabs him by the shirt and stres him straight in the eyes, not losing eye contact and screams *AHHHHHHHHHH* then stabs Clay in the neck pulling him to the ground and letting him go and turns around breathing heavily and shaking only to see the Northern Line staring at him and silence turns into congrats and cheers. Beau stabs Clay's body in the stomach and kicks his head as hard as he can, then spits on his face and walks down stairs, ignoring everyone who talks. Beau thought "What the fuck did I just do...." 

Beau then hears Norman behind a building and walks to him in anger, still with the looming thought of what happened not 30 seconds ago, but ignoring it.... That thought of "what did i just do" was overpowered by anger and rage... Beau walks up to Norman and makes small talk, before rolling up his sleeve and stabbing him in the arm then carving the word "Chef" into his left arm, and wipes his bloody hand on Norman's helmet visor, and rolls his sleeve back down and walking away. Ten minutes later the entire ordeal was over, there were three bodies... Someone that wouldn't comply with the restraints, Clay... and Norman's body beside Clay's. Beau asked what happened and someone said "He wanted me to do it, and Not Beau... thats what he told me." Beau's eyes were blank before they ran off into the woods and set up camp a few miles out. They talked about what happened and Beau "sat" laying in the grass under his shelter of sticks and leaves with some moss, unintentionally ignoring people from the thoughts that were taking over his mind. "What did I do? They deserved it... No they didn- Yes they di- No they didn- FUCK...." then Beau thought to himself... "I've changed.... and I don't know if I can accept that..."

*Beau shut his eyes, reliving what happened just a few hours before, and thinking if he would've changed anything but the answer was the same in every scenario that he could've changed... Beau falls asleep.*

Norman Casey is one deceiving son of a bitch.



Haha, btw I know you guys aren't dead ooc but my character thinks you are, I wrote the next log and I did not perma death you or Clay, Beau was too much in the moment to notice he didn't stab Clay in the right area or what not, idk its up to him. I mentioned scarring you though ::) Have a good night man, I'll be on tmorrow if you guys are.

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Ascent_rain    3

I appreciate it man! Glad you enjoy it, I skipped ahead a year only for current events so I don't forget them but I'll go back to 2014 events soon.

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