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Non-hostile initiation

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Is there such a thing?

What I mean is: Say I'm playing a civvie. I'm not a bandit, but I'm a guy who is scared out of his mind in the middle of an apocalypse. I turn a corner and suddenly there's someone there and I initiate on that person. I'm not trying to rob them, I just want them to keep their hands up so I know they can't shoot me in the back while I'm leaving the area. If I tell the person I'm not robbing them and no harm will come to them, I just wanna leave safely, will they still have KOS rights on me?

And also, would this be considered bad RP since I AM initiating, so technically they are my hostage, and I should make things interesting for the other player from an RP point of view?


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Yes the person would have KOS rights on you. You gave them a demand by saying put your hands up, and you were being hostile by pointing a gun at them. As for BadRP I wouldn't see that as badrp but very risky. I'll go ahead and /solve this.

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I see, thanks!

Oh one more ting: is using an online map of Chernarus considered metagaming?

No using a map is perfectly acceptable.

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