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[Open Frequency] Trading Visit to Green Mountain

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*Mike Gallows sits to rest for a second turns o the radio and holds it to his mouth*

"Hello? This is a open broadcast to any survivors. My trading crew and I are planning a trading visit to Green Mountain. Does anyone know if the area is safe? Please respond if you have any information or are willing to trade supplies."

*Mike Gallows turns off the radio and sets off toward Green Mountain*

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Para    196

*Lewis takes up his radio and hears the man's question. With a sigh, he kicks a rock into the pond he was sitting near and begins to talk in a tone that sounds like he is fed up.*

Are you fucking serious? Green Mountain is notorious for having a robbery take place every couple of hours at least. You also made a very bad choice to announce it over a fucking radio.

*He pauses and mutters to himself "Seriously, the lack of common sense out here is ridiculous."*

You literally just told the whole of South Zagoria where to go to rob you for supplies, guns and whatnot. Good work.

*He releases his transmit button, picks up his backpack and makes his way over to the pond to collect his gun*

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TheWolf2777    2

Ody sighs and shakes his head before responding...

"Yeah man, that really wasn't the best course of action... but if you are looking for a decent trade, look for a guy named Nick. He may not be on everyone's good side, but he is an honest trader. More or less."

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