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[Open Frequency] To the 16 yrd from Green Mountain

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*Logan sits at the table, wiping the little bit of grime off one off the lenses of his gas mask before putting it back in his backpack. Although the day wasn't a bad one, he still was worried about something. The 16 year old he meet when he and Chloe went to Green Mountain. With that fire fight that was going on, the kid coming out of the gates, and trying to get him out the immediate area of the fight. He should never had let him just go by himself. Logan rubs his temple with his left hand while he dug out his radio. The kid may never even hear this, but it's better that he at least tried than to do nothing at all. He bring the radio up to his lips and presses down on the talk button with his thumb.*

"To anyone who is listening to this, I'm calling out the 16 year old boy who was at Green Mountain during the fire fight the other day. Kid, if your hearing this, it's Logan. You know, the guy who was wearing the helmet and gas mask, and his ears were all burned. I was wanting to at least know if your alright. I said I would try to make radio contact with your parents, but I shouldn't have let you just go off on your own before I knew you were going somewhere safe... Just... Be careful. If you need help contact me over the radio, and I'll come running. I know your parents said to go to the military bases for protection, but there's no military there."

*You can hear Logan mutter something about why could he let this happen before he continues.*

"Just... Just don't do anything to risky. If you need advice, I'm here to give it to you. I'll keep seeing if I can get in contact with your parents, but the chances are slim at best. Stay safe out there, and God's speed."

*Logan lets go of the button and puts it on the table. He feels like he could be sick. How could he let this happen... Logan sits at the table and pulls out a green gorka helmet from his backpack and begins to clean the visor on it.*

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