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[Open Frequency] A message to all down south.

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*Henrik coughed loudly, he stared down at his hands as he sat against a rusty sheet metal shed. He tasted the fresh irony blood upon his lips, it was evident he was injured badly. In a paranoid glare he peered about his surroundings and let out a sharp groan before looking down towards his stomach and chuckled heartily to himself, swearing under his breath. *


*He looked up towards the sky and leant his head back, his hand applying pressure to the wound, he panted softly, thinking about the shitty memories he'd had. How did it all come to this? Why did he have to die in such a miserable way. He strived to do good and help others, and now he was going to die at the hands of two fools. He released a gentle sigh and reached down for his shaddy military radio, proceeding to push in the button and remain silent for a few moments, processing what he was about to say next..*

"H-..Hello.. My name is Henrik.. I know a few of you have spoken to me before, I'm-.. I'm a regular at Green Mountain.. Well.. I'm not sure how much longer I have left but uh-.. I'm pretty badly injured. Two guys just tried to hold me up in Chernogorsk, I had no other option but to kill them.. I have to say, taking another mans life-.. It's-.. The worst feeling in the world.. But I was forced, I had no other choice.. But hey.. I managed to do one good thing.. The supplies those bandits had.. I gave them to a guy, he had nothing but jeans and a shirt.. He needed them more than me.."

*He takes another deep breath and weakly holds the radio upwards, proceeding to continue speaking. *

"I took two rounds to the stomach, I'm coughing up my own blood whilst I'm sat here.. I haven't got any bandages nor any other kinds of medical supplies and I can't get myself to the hospital here.. If there is anyone out there who is able to help me, please respond to this broadcast.. I'm near the Church.."

*He shakes his head briefly and releases the input button and looks down at his blood, slowly trickling down his rain jacket before slumping aside, his eyes closing slowly as he goes unconscious. *

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