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A message to old friends [Open Frequency]

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*A large amount of static can be heard over the airwaves, followed by a soft whistling. The static begins to clear, and the whistling grows louder. The tune is indistinct yet soothing.*

*Elijah stops whistling after a few minutes, and takes a long drag of his cigarette before speaking*

"This is a message to all my 'old' friends. You know who you are. I know what you did. I saw how you turned your back on me."

*He pauses for a few moments*

"You probably think you have the upper hand. You think I'm dead, so you can do whatever the fuck you want. Wrong. I'll come for you eventually."

*Elijah turns off his radio and drops it into his backpack.*

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*Laski hears the transmission from the radio he has stolen from a man*

''I'd like to see you try, Just don't lose your head trying to find us''

*He throws the radio on the ground and puts a .357 magnum round into the radio*

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*Bryce Hears the Voice of his old commander and is puzzled, he responds*

"Storm? Isn't your head a little drafty? I mean it is gone isn't it lad? Oh well nevertheless, I don't see why you feel we turned our backs on you, in fact wasn't it the exact opposite here? You just left without saying goodbye then the jackals so graciously inform us of your declining attitude and how they put you down. I'm quite sure we cut your head off you decaying body after what they told us you were doing. Remember the lesson you taught us when you were in command... No one leaves the 501st and gets away with it. You left and we thought we did what was right in the "morals" of what you taught us before. But scratch all this ya know? Does make sense why we heard you berating us up at the mountain the other day, with your shit Scottish accent, your voice is the same no matter what, same monotone lull that we would recognize regardless. Your "death treats" are not going to be heeded, we don't give a rats ass about your coming. The will of the 501st is stronger than anything you can throw at us, we are never alone, we are godlike men who have the gun skills of a hundred per capita... You would know that, You would remember, if you were as good of a leader you thought you were. Dont go looking for trouble in bad weather if you cannot handle The Storm that follows. "

*He takes a bite out of his cooked melon on a stick, he had been roasting while he transmitted*

*Halfway done chewing he reply's again*

That being said Come get us Bitch

*he flicks the radio off in one smooth motion with his thumb*

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*Norman listens in on the chatter, and thinks back on the stories of the Ex-Commander that he's heard... he decides to add in his two cents...*

"Ah... Look bub, not sure who you are, but from what I've heard, you aren't exactly the best ally to have in any sort of situation. I wasn't in the 501st long, but I can tell you, these men... these people... I will defend them at whatever cost, because they'd do the same for me. I don't recommend coming after them, because you just might lose a few toes in the process...

In either case, if you do try to get us, expect a bit of back-talk from Mr. Diamond..."

*Norman grins widely as he stops transmitting and awaits a reply...*

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