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At certain points in the day the EU server can get very populated until it is full, at this point I assume you would like us to join the America server, but usually I cannot connect to it as it is too far away. Is it possible for the London server to open when the EU server is full so that people in Britain and the EU can connect to a server when the Frankfurt one is down?

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EU server is getting ddos'd on and off like other Dayz servers, current situation unfortunately. but staff choose when to turn it on and off.

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Usually it is S1 and S2 open at all times. S3 is a server we normally open when there is an influx of people on S1 and S2. We don't usually open it unless both servers are currently full.

Now, considering the fact that we've been having some issues with our servers currently, you may find that S3 is open more than it normally would be. However, this will not be a permanent result.

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