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The Traveller, Nikolai Cykas, Vladimir Stanislav, Loxantic and eliot....

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This is a distress signal... My name is Rick Johnson... This is a message being sent out to the loyal comrades and survivors that saved my life yesterday...I...I...I... am .. not ... dead. I am alive...

The traveller

Nikolai cykas

Vladimir Stanislav



I want to inform you all that I am not dead... The bullet hit me ... but it did not kill. I was pronounced dead but I am very much alive. Hours after you left me ... I did not reanimate as a walker... I found myself to be breathing... I was weak and injured but alive. I noticed my gun and backpack had been taken. I hope you made good use of them - I want you to know that I don't blame you for doing that.

After regaining consciousness I managed to crawl into the barn - I found myself a winchester rifle and an empty water bottle. Parched and dying nearly of thirst and hunger I crept past the barn and to the nearest water supply at the shore - in this case it was a small pond. As I got down there, I began to feel hazy and I think I must have collapsed again...

Anyhow I woke up drenched through with a bitter taste in my mouth ... It served the purpose of hydration but it sure as hell did not taste good... Its been a full 24 hours now (at the time of this transmission) and it is clear that it wasn't infected water.

I resolved to carry on heading up north - desperate to find you my comrades. A small convoy of what appeared to be military personnel (or mercenaries) stopped and asked me where I was headed:

I said "I am looking for my friends, they were in a bus..."

They informed me that a bus had crashed on the main road, near the trading post. Racing off down there - I feared the worst - that you had been overcome by walkers or attacked by bandits.

As I arrived I saw a bus crashed into the trunk of a pine tree and the rotten stench of degrading flesh assailed my nostrils and the buzz of flies feeding off the putrefaction rang in my ears. I was mortified to find five dead bodies...

This is the point where I nearly broke down... It couldn't be you guys..not after everything we had been through.. All the suffering...all the pain... The bodies were peppered with bullets ... Such a gruesome and excruciating way to die ... Bleeding to death

Thankfully the faces did not match the faces of you my comrades. This is what gave mw hope... It was instead the face of man that we saw in the bus a few hours previously who had gone to pick up his friend (and who tried to run over vladimir...) he was reckless but that was no way for someone to die... People should pull together not kill each other in this world ... But it seems people are becoming ever more hostile... My comrades please take care and be careful - the bandit threat is a very real and very present one in chernarus.

I made my way to the trading post and found the bus (our bus) parked in one of the available slots. I was ecstatic. You had made it. I felt very very happy and very relieved too. I found the guys who had shot me and wounded me there from earlier in berezino and we resolved our differences - i was angry but it was a misunderstanding - one of their people had thought I was holding them up (like a bandit) when i was merely trying to get them to identify themselves. Anyhow I forgave them..because I am alive now... And in this world... You have to really live in the present...

I will protect myself and you my comrades if needs must be though - against the human or zombie threat.

Anyway I took the bus from its parking space (because it can easily be stolen there) and I have hidden it many many miles away. At the time of this transmission... I am in the woods eating mutton round a campfire...thinking of you guys... I hope you are ok... This apocalypse is going to be a whole lot harder if I am to survive on my own.

I wish to find you guys again... I placed trust in you by letting you come in my bus ... That was the whole point of doing my pickup run to find likeminded survivors to make surviving a lot easier. I know i would not be alive today if not for you guys.

Therefore I am sending out this transmission to try and get in contact and meet you all again if you are still alive.

What time can we meet and where?

I know I will take a long sleep in this bus tonight and try and recuperate my energy overnight and a bit into the day too. I can drive to find you guys at 6pm + (GMT) and the meeting place could be where the bus was last parked.

Once again thank you for your trust, courage and bravery and I do hope that you are all still alive and well.

This is Rick Johnson, signing off.

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...Nikolai Bitch? Cyka is bitch in Russian.

(OOC) Yeah he knows :) its kinda funny but his character is the opposite of a bitch in game. He's tough and reliable.

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//Just so you know there is actually a roleplaying section of thew forums, maybe this would be better suited there?

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//Just so you know there is actually a roleplaying section of thew forums, maybe this would be better suited there?

(OCC) OK! Many thanks! I was recommended by someone on the IRC chat to put this in general discussion but ok! Gonna post in forums now!

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