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Guest EviLFlare

Hello fellow Survivors

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Guest EviLFlare

Hello fellow DayZRP members,

this Thread is mainly created by me to introduce myself to you Guys that are already registered on here.

First of all, I am not a Bandit and I am looking or a hackerfree possibility to play DayZ, and that's exactly how I found this mod.

I've been playing DayZ for quite a while now and I am really annoyes of how much hackers there are on the public severs, which is kind of ruining the game for me. I am looking forward to meeting nice people on Chernarus and if u want to play with a trustworthy and sportsmanlike survivor, feel free to message me with a private message =)

See you in Cherno,


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Welcome to DayZRP !

Make sure to read the rules and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me or any other staff members. Always remember, this is not only a no-KOS/no-hack server but also a roleplaying server.

See you around,

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Guest Latyth

Hello! Good Luck in the apocalypse!

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