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Ranger Dax Jethrow

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- Tracking of animals

- Able to craft bonfires for signaling and cooking

- Can identify eatable/poisonous food / berries

- Basic first aid. CPR.

- Knows many ways to tie knots

- basic sewing

- Setting up tents

- Able to swim well

- Trained in the use of small caliber firearms / Hunting Rifles / Shotguns

- Fishing and trapping

- Gets nauseous and distracted at the sight of blood. May panic and lose consciousness

- Hates large areas, prefers being in woods surrounded by trees

- Vision is damaged in one eye due to injury from Bear attack. Cannot use scopes very well. 

 I never really expected the infection like the rest of us. It all started really the one day I was out in the forest one night and I noticed something slightly odd....but I guess I am getting ahead of myself.

My name is Ranger, Dax Jethrow but my friends call me "DJ" for short. Now your probably thinking Ranger as in military but no , I am a Forest & Park Ranger and for nearly my whole life too. I started off loving the outdoors at a young age about 7. My family was always more domesticated, grounded to the smaller cities and that's where I grew up. A small town called Sherwood in the cold state of Minnesota.

My father never really believed in the education system so he always taught me what he felt I needed to know at home. English, Math, and reading were as common as hunting, fishing, and working on the farm. Growing up was fun as I learned to drive early and spent most nights sneaking into town, although most of my teenage years was lacking my mothers presence due to her sudden passing. She had caught a bad case of pneumonia and after her death I never really was the same. Seeing my mother coughing up most of her lungs before her death left an unmistakable mark on me.

Ever since that event I was never fond of blood and sometimes it may cause me to lose bearings on everything around me. After my teenage years my father taught me trapping, fishing, the simple stuff but in the end it never really felt like enough. When I was 21 I decided to join the National Forest Association.

After receiving my forest ranger license I looked for a job in one of the national forests nearby finding that one suited me well. Fairly close to my home town I watched over the beautiful green expanse before me and for 9 years that is just what I did. Couple poachers here and miscreant teens there but life was good.  About 8 years in though, we got reports of a rogue bear attacking innocent park goers and once I found out it was one of my favorite local bears I had nicknamed "old shadow", it hurt me to have to put him down.

That night I went out to take care of the problem and well although I had to take down Shadow she took with her a part of my right cheek and now forever is there a reminder from the day I took the life of an animal that had lived in the forest longer than I had been alive. In the end I guess it didn't matter, I have seen more death now than any man should in his lifetime.

Soon after that incident the National Forest Administration decided to implement an exchange program and it came down to the choice of losing my job or being sent halfway across the world to an unknown country. All in all I couldn't see myself anywhere else other than the forest and in the end I chose having a forest somewhere else than no forest at all. After all my goodbyes, the NFA sent me out to a third world hell hole called Chernarus.

The country ridden by internal conflicts and affected by that "Chidaki crisis" everyone was talking about brought me to this place and well I have to say it wasn't all that bad. I spent a year here and after I turned 31, I felt I had a good feel for life and everything that comes with it.... but that all changed when the virus hit.

It was a cold night and I was out collecting firewood ready for bed when I noticed something off. I was being followed by something but it really didn't try to make itself hidden. As the noise grew closer, my eyes widened as what I saw before me will haunt me for the rest of my days. A group of Russian Scouts covered in blood, all with a wild, frenzied look on their faces.

At first I was deeply concerned, they were shaking, making weird animal like noises. I dropped my bags and introduced myself as a Ranger as I reached out to grab the nearest one. The group instantly attacked, clawing at my face and frothing at the mouth as they tried to bite me. I drew my old 9mm pistol and shot once in the air to scare them off. That's when I heard a bloodcurdling scream not too far out in the distance. A full grown, male Scout leader emerged from the woods  ahead off me running at full speed in the direction of the gunshot.

Panic and fear took me as the group started to organize and close in, it was either them or me. My mind flashed back to Shadow, the old Bear I took down in the States right before I pulled the trigger. My fathers training all those years had paid off. I awoke to find myself surrounded by the Scout bodies. I was face-down in my own vomit, apparently passed out after I ran out of ammo. I was soaked in drying blood but not physically injured other than a few bruises and scratches, the scouts and the Male were all lifeless and not breathing.

I needed to find out why they were showing symptoms like they were wild with rabies. I had seen rabies in animals but never in a human and the groups condition had me concerned. I  loaded each one into the back of the truck and drove to the town hospital and what I witnessed was absolute chaos. Men biting into men and children attacking their mothers. I decided that I wanted nothing to do with this and just needed to escape as far away as possible.


I ran back to my truck and saw the very same Troop leader I shot, rise from out of the back of my truck as he dragged his way towards me. The man had taken at least five shots to the chest and heart and was somehow still alive! I drew my sidearm and this time I aimed directly in-between his eyes. I blew his head off, jumped in my truck and tore out of the city.

Time is funny now, I have no idea how long ago that was or how long I have been running and hiding. I have seen people who are not affected like me, but I have seen them do horrible things to each-other. I keep my distance usually.

Now I live off the land with the hope to one day find a way to cross the Ocean so that I may return to the ones I love in the States.     


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