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What I Have Learned For You're Own Safety... [OPEN BROADCAST]

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River leaned against Max, the blast of fire filled the whole pub. She reached of her radio as her sleeped, her voice was a whisper but she knew it was a warning call for those who did not know. She pressed the army like radio's PTT button to begin the transmission.

"People of Chernarus. For the past few days I have experienced the worst days I have suffered yet... Being shot... Nearly having my ear cut off... Beat to a pulp with a baseball bat... I want to warn you about these people."

She paused, hoping not to wake Max, it had been a long day for them. Her voice was tired, she yawned as she continued.

"One man, he said his name was Aleyxs? Alex? He has a very, crisp... echoed voice... He took me to the forest, saying I would meet his brother...."

She cut off for a while, the lump in her throat from resisting to not cry hurt. Her voice pained.

"I followed, he kept trying to convince me to turn my radio off... I refused... He snatched it off me but I managed to get it back.... After what I did..."

The radio went static from the wait, she went back on track to continue.

"I met his... brother.... Apparently his name was Billy..."

She mutters quickly as it was still caught on transmission.


She coughed, clearing her throat.

"So apparently Billy was holding my hand, the man snatched my radio and pulled his gun telling me I couldn't hold mine and to keep walking. Saying he liked my fingers and ears... Then went out onto saying he wanted my ear... I refused saying it was attached to me.... Obviously... He said he'd cut it off... I refused and he said he'd forcefully take my ear from me... Luckily my friend was there to save me..."

She looks to her hands, still thinking there was blood on her hands. Her hands were red rare from how much she had scrubbed them.

"I was made to cut his ear off.... I'm not proud of it... But he... He says he'd find me.... or I'd find him... And I'd want to do more of that... wicked... wicked stuff... I feel like a monster..."

She tried to regain strength, nearly breaking down into tears.

"The other man is a... black polish.... stuttery and nervous and decided to hold me and my boyfriend up.... He's dangerous.... Managed to put a bullet in my chest... luckily the doctor says I'm still alive... But... Please look for these or stay away for your own safety... They're dangerous.... And I'm beginning to feel my own innocence slip and turn into a.... savage...."

She let the broadcast fade to static, the thought crawled over her skin. She snuggled Max, staring at the fire and began to cry. Letting out all of the guilt feeling.

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Fortune listens to the broadcast and mutters something under his breathe before pressing down the PTT,

"ain't it just swell... some innocent girl being tortured and attacked. really makes you wonder what kind of monsters are out there.. what less than a year of change can turn a person from a civilian to a monster.. it's unfortunate my dear.. but that's the way it is.

be careful of who you trust, sometimes the sheep who cries is simply a wolf waiting to strike"

Fortune turns off his radio and place an old cassette into a player, and listen began to listen to the music, calming himself for what's about to happen

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Alan lay on his bedroll as the fire crackled, almost completely burned out. It was hard to sleep these days, the things he saw when he closed his eyes, he wanted to forget them, never see them again...he knew that would never happen. His head shot up as his radio jolted to life. He was surprised by a new voice, the voice of a woman. He rolled over toward's his bag and reached inside the pouch, grasping his radio and pulling it out. He sighed as he listened to the woman talk...she still had so much more to learn. He grasped his radio tighter as he pressed down on the transmit button.

"It doesn't matter where you go anymore, you cannot hide from men like this..." He paused for a moment, reaching up to the still raw W carved in his shoulder. "You see, every time things like this happen, it makes you stronger. Without strength, you will perish in an instant in this world we live in..." He once again let off the transmit button and sighed. He thought back to when it all started, he is so different now, everyone is. The weak have begun to fall and the strong are rising up. Alan was once weak himself...never again.

"Embrace your struggles..." he grasped the radio so tight now his knuckles turned white. "You wouldn't be here without them." With that, Alan lay his radio back onto his bag. He rested his head in his hands as he thought. Hopefully whoever they were, they would heed his advice.

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*Logan sits in the house with the fire ablaze, flicking through frequencies on his radio; when he hits this one, he lets out a sigh of relief when hearing rivers voice, laying to rest the fears that the innocent girl may have died. With a smile he presses down on the talk button.*

"Good to hear that your alright there. At least, still kicking, I mean... I sorry that you had to go through that. This world can be one fucked up place sometimes."

*Logan pauses, thinking about the comment on losing her innocents, and the fact that she said she's going "savage". He continues to talk.*

"You may have lost your innocents... trust me, I wish I still had mine every once and awhile, but that doesn't mean you have to lose your humanity as well. Without it, what are we truly? Well, I guess I'm just rambling at this point, good luck out there River, safe travels, and God's speed to wherever your going next."

*Logan lets go of the button and sets down the radio. He then looks around the empty room and wishes the recent events never happened.*

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Charles listened to all the broadcasts quietly. The woman who'd called for help on the radio a few days ago was back. He'd gone to Balota and found nothing. What had been her name again? Charles chewed on his cheek as he struggled to remember. Rivet? River? No, no, it was Riviaira. Well, it sounded as if Riviaira had broken the cardinal rule of Chernarus when she'd met "Billy"- never be alone. Their deaths probably could have been avoided had she'd been with someone. As for her slowly losing her humanity?  Well... that was, unfortunately, to be expected. Charles kept finding himself in the same boat recently as well...

He keyed the radio, and spoke into it with his best reassuring voice.

"Hello Riviaira. I'm glad to hear you're okay. It's Charles again, the man you met in Vybor?"

He let go of the key as he briefly waited for a reply before continuing.

"Well, lookit, you need to have a partner with you at all times here in Chernarus. Find someone you trust, and never leave their side. Their presence alone will spare you from all sorts of ill-mannered shit..."

Charles hesitated before continuing, briefly filling the shortwave with static.

"Um, listen, about your, uh, feelings of savagery, don't be too worried about it. It is a natural feeling, albeit, an unhealthy one. The most you can do against it is to repress the urge when necessary and show mercy to those who need it."

Once again, Charles filled the broadcast with static before continuing, reflecting on his past experiences. He swallowed, and moved forward.

"Don't misinterpret what I'm saying though. Some people don't deserve mercy. They know who they are, and we know who they are. Don't be afraid to pull your trigger when you need to to make the world a... more tolerable place. Best of luck. To all of you listening." 

Charles released the mic and sighed. He hoped whoever was listening understood his message. He looked up and surveyed the forest surrounding him. A twig snapped off to his left, and he realized once more, that he too, had broken the cardinal rule of Chernarus.

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"Slavomir still in a pool of blood hears Riviaira's message and replies"

'Riviaira. You are such a sweet and innocent girl and I have failed to save you from violence.' 

"She hears his cries of pain through the radio"

'Be at Novy with Zbor tonight. I have things to tell yo..........' 

"The transmission continues but no sounds can be hear from Slavomir."

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*hearing the radio broadcast and slightly infuriated by it*

"Sooner or later, things will change...for the better this time...humans will learn from their mistakes.. one or another.. perhaps their is more you can tell me miss..of your travels, I'd be interested"


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Bailey sat on a fallen tree in the middle of the woods listening to the radio transmission as she used her combat knife to peel the skin from a fresh apple. As the transmission ended she took a bite of the fruit, chewing thoughtfully before picking up the radio to key her own response.

"I've been to Hell once before and what I saw then is nothing compared to what I see or hear everyday in this place. The weak are preyed on, there's no remorse for the suffering.."

She released the button long enough to take another bite of apple, chewing it quickly before continuing.

"When faced with extinction it's human nature to fight for survival and to survive by only thinking of yourself.. Or maybe that's just the way I think.."

A small chuckle could be heard in the transmission before she continued to speak.

"Either way, at the end of the day, its about who has the most desire to live. You, or the other person? Obviously today, you did. Lets keep it that way."

Releasing the button, Bailey powered the radio off and stood, taking a couple more bites out of the apple before tossing it into the woods and continuing on her travels.

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