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[Open Freq] Att traders

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*siting with back against a tree, taking shelter from the rain and warming by means of a fire, Zar Noble decides now is as good a time to take stock of what is in his pack. With a radio in one hand and a beer in the other and the smell of deer meat cooking Zar clicks the button.

"he -hello all, Zar Noble here" *releases button"

* Pausing nervously reluctant to arrange any form of meeting due to past bad experiences with bandits, Zar decides Fuck it take a change on humanity and organise a trade

*pushes the button again

"Any traders out there or anyone interested in a trade?" "i am looking for netting or a gun wrap and have an ACOG, Kashtan and PU Scope to trade"

"I will be in the green mountain area later this evening"

*Zar releases the button, takes a sip of beer, pokes the meat in the fire and concludes to himself to wait see if there is a response.

*pushing button again*

"oh almost for got, I have a Steyr AUG to trade as well, no clip or ammo though"

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*Excitedly presses button

"Yes! Zar, was it? I would love a beer or 2 if you have one? Or any alcohol at all, actually. I have weapons, food - I'm growing some peppers right now. What do you need & do you have any booze?"


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