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Ryadovóy. R. Omarov, 7th GAD, VDV

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I've done quite a bit of writing on previous communities and look to do some more here. This here is just my character's (Ruslan Omarov) backstory from the whitelist, but over time I look to elaborate elements of Ruslan's past and perhaps create a journal (or story) of how he survives the apocalypse (or maybe doesn't). Abrupt ending as I was approaching the character limit (read it as 1000 words, not characters lmao). I'm not especially educated on the VDV and the Russian Military, so doing some research for his past will be interesting. Looking forwards to writing some more soon, thanks.

Ruslan Omarov is a Private (Ryadovóy) in the 7th Guards Airborne-Assault (Mountain) Division, the first of four divisions in the Russian Vozdushno-desantnye voyska (VDV). Born in Almaty, Kazakhstan in 1985 Ruslan and his Muslim Kazakh parents moved to the Russian city of Ekaterinburg when he was 3 years old, alongside 1000 other Kazakh labourers relocated to work in munitions factories. His father’s death in an industrial accident in ’98 hit Ruslan hard, but further served to harden him, as he had already started to develop thick skin from the bullying he received on account of his religion. 

In 2003 Ruslan was conscripted into the military, and while originally reluctant, he found that he enjoyed the physical punishment and competition that took place in basic training. While not graduating at the top of his class, Ruslan was well regarded by his instructors and his attitude was noted. Due to his determination and daring attitude, Ruslan was assigned to 226th Airborne Training regiment, as part of the Vozdushno-desantnye voyska, Russia’s airborne forces. After completing training, Ruslan was sent to the 108th ‘Kuban Cossack' Guards Airborne Regiment, part of the 7th Guards Airborne-Assault (Mountain) Division.

Ruslan arrived early enough to see some fighting in Dagestan, fighting off Islamic insurgents as part of the Islamic International Brigade. The IIB had invaded to support the Shura of Dagestan separatist rebels, and Ruslan did once again receive some flak on behalf of his religion. He more reluctant to fight in this conflict because he was killing fellow Muslims, but the poorer treatment he received didn’t help his morale. He eventually was transferred to a different company headed by Captain Sokol Mozorov and Lieutenant Alyosha Kozlov. 

By January 2015, Ruslan and the 7th Guards Airborne-Assault (Mountain) Division were sent to the Black Mountain quarantine zone, to help contain a disease outbreak in the neighbouring ex-SSR of Chernarus. Ruslan had his apprehensions about being so close to this mysterious disease, but he never thought that he would end up in the world of shit that he inhabits now.

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