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Paramedic Tony Brown finds yet another dead body on the road outside Tisy. It's been dead a very long time.. flys and maggots are feasting to their hearts content, foxes, magpies and badgers have also had their fill....There's no help here to be given.

He finds a walkie talkie in the decomposed cadaver 's back pocket... it's got all gunky decomposition slime on it.. it smells really bad.

He pulls a 9v duracell battery from his back pack, inserts the battery and hits the open channel frequency...

"Brown to Captain Bennett of the BAF, Paramedic Tony Brown to Captain Bennett, or any other surviving Officers of the BAF.. what's going on? where are we to rendezvous?? We've had no intel for well over a week now. Some of us are still manning the road block at Berri, supplies are really short, Sir, I mean reallllyyyy short ! We are still awaiting your return from 8 nights ago when you went up onto the hill for a sniper check...That's the last we heard from you. 

I'll turn this radio back on for 5 mins every 2 hours from midnight tonight until the battery runs out, please give us orders Sir, we are lost with little or no military back up. 

Things are desperate Sir. we've seen no survivors at all in the last 5 days,  no one at all.

We need instructions Sir.

Paramedic Tony Brown to Captain Bennett I'll turn this set on 5 minutes every 2 hours from midnight tonight...

Brown out".

He wipes the slime covered radio on his sleeve and immediately regrets it.. "bollocks" he thought.. "what a fucking week we've had"........

He puts the radio in his back pack and turns to check another few empty houses for any food or supplies he can find..."this is a FUBAR fucked up load of cuntox shit" he thought...

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