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Phil Bumpkin

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*Pulls down trucker walkie talkie.

Breaker 1-9 this here's Big Blue, finally got my rig up out of 10-7 but I am now in working condition. Been off the 'ment for sometime now due to the outbreak but I am back on the road available for any and all jobs due to my company contacts going under...

So I will accept any job by any group, cult, civilian or anything in between as long as their is a good payout in food, water and car parts/fuel. In this world you may be wondering "A truck? Having yourself a truck will either make you a victim to robbery, kidnapping, cult sacrifice, or even death!"

Well as far as I know most groups have plans and work throughout the day whether it be banditry, policing, hunting for food (or people, I don't judge), getting your church or hidout ready for a cult festival or even just plans to get your group to a new city. I know most people hate the time it takes to get from one city to another or the fact your group is out of supplies whether it be flares for cult offerings, weapons for a bandit raid, food for a cookout. I want to help return to the work I love, helping out the community with mah truck "Betsy Blue".

Now I know that bandits would love to steal mah truck and take off with it but what I can offer you is 24/7 support that includes:

-trucking finding with location co-ordinates

-24/7 truck repair and refueling

-24/7 people/supply drop offs and deliveries

-24/7 group or civilian bussing ( I will be arriving at certain bus stations along my routes at certain times to pick up people.)

All you need to do is call me up and I'll be there in a jiffy to help all ur needs and or problems. The only thing I need in return is food, water, and various supplies and parts for mah truck.

I'll be at my station in a 10-8, so just holler at me and i'll get you support faster than Besty Blue makes road pizza! hehuhehuehueh

Y'all be safe now y'here!

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Guest Thunderpawss

*Andrew takes out his radio and pushes the talk button*

Hey Phil i found a cargo truck that i was wondering if you could help me get operational all i need is a battery and a glow plug. I have a lot of food and i will offer you any ammo you need.

*Andrew releases the button*

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