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Hello, Im abit new to the server. Since I got whitelisted today I might aswell introduce myself. Im an 17 year old guy from Sweden who knows alot about computers and has played many games. Im new to DayZ but today ive spent alot of time on RP1 and I've met awesome people and im joining Human Defense Force which is very nice to me. They came in a car and picked me up when all I had was a flashlight and they gave me weapons and teached me all the basics. Im gonna keep it short so im just gonna tell you my specs too.



Asus Maximus IV(Mobo)

G.Skill 32GB 1866mhz(RAM)

Intel Core i7 2700K (CPU)

Asus 660 non Ti (GPU)

Samsung 830 128 GB (SSD)

2 Random HDD's at a total of 5TB

2 24" Monitors

Logitech G11

Qpad 5K

Qpad QH-90

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Welcome to the server, enjoy your stay :D

Thanks alot, so far I am. Except some of the HDF members were really immature when they were supposed to come get me and wasted my time.

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Guest Cadan

Yeah, they're trolls, don't worry about them, they're still new.

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