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-Static- Open Frequency

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*Peter pulls down the button, shaking of his whole body*

Ma... Madi...? You're... not dead?

*Short silence that is broken by a slightly deeper voice*

Well, I guess I'll be sleeping for a bit then, Madi. I don't believe you know me, but you better belive I know you.

*A small whisper follows*

I guess Reiner gets to live, yes?

*Peter shuts down his radio, now a slightly less angry at Reiner*

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*Magnus looks at his radio with an unfounded interest, the last time he heard that voice he thought he had lost someone whom he considered very close.

Unsure what to say or do he only looks at his radio, thinking this might be his only time to send a reply he pushes the transmission button firmly bringing the radio close to his mouth*

*the sound of heavy static can be heard with the occasional attempt at an introduction, Magnus releases the button pulling the radio away looking off to the factory beside him letting out a deep sigh but a slight smile forms across his face, something he hasn't done for some time now, he moves the radio to his mouth once again to speak*

*Another deep sigh* I've missed you, so much maddie.... I hope we see each other again soon, I understand if maybe you don't want to see me... but... I need to do something before one of us disappears again.... something I've been wanting to do for awhile now! *A slight cough is heard* God I've missed you so much.

*The broadcast suddenly ends but not before one more reply is heard* This changes nothing with Reiner. *Static*


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Enzo hears the woman's voice emitting from his radio. He remembers her original transmission, unsure of how many days or weeks ago it was now.

Enzo decides to chime in, and:

"Signorina, I'ma glad to hear you OK. This world has taken enough, there no need to have it take more than it need."

"Stai buonna, Signorina"

Enzo starts trying to rememberexactly whatbhe said to the young woman before, hoping not too many people were listening.

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*Matt presses the radio button in he is eating a carrot while talking and loud crunches are heard every few seconds* 

Urrm good your not dead... Who are you again ?

*You can hear him cough and choke on a bit of carrot* 

Ya sound chill at least and remember killing yourself just feeds zombies that is bad, I don't like zombies therefore you should not die cus then zombies will eat you and want to eat me... I have strange logic, sorry what was my original point...?

*He slips the radio into his pocket and leans back against the tree enjoying the nice cold breeze*

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*Jena presses the button down quickly.. before she looses the chance of reaching her*

MADDISON! Oh my god Maddi... you have no idea how worried ive been.. I've missed you - we've missed you. All of us. But me specially. I have so much to tell you..

Im so glad youre doing ok.. Please come down south soon..

Ill be waiting....

*She lets go of the button.. sits down next to a tree.. and starts to think of how much shes missed her best friend*

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