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Warm Welcomes and Dark Tidings.

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Whew. I just finished reading up on the lore after getting myself signed up on the forums here. 


Sounds like things are just going from bad to worse everywhere. I'm curious about getting myself white listed on a server here and joining the struggle- helping the poor souls stuck in the same muck as the rest of us. As well as defending the weakened from the desperate and cruel. 


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Hello, and good luck. :3

[align=left]Keep an eye on the guides and tips for the best info to ensure a healthy future. That, and stay site active so you know what is going on. Get to know people. All those good things.

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Welcome! I think you will find that this is a great community :)

Be sure to check out the forums so we can get to know you, and you us. Also be sure to make a post in any of the other forums besides here and the Off Topic section. You have 30 days to do this so that your account is not removed for inactivity.

Make sure you are familiar with the Rules both Community and StandAlone. Read the FAQ, and the New Comer's Guide. Also just an FYI, you can help folks, but be careful about getting into situations that could cause misunderstanding and/or rule breaks. We no longer have The Good Samaritan rules, but there are still many ways to help your fellow survivors :)

If you have any questions about whitelisting PM any Community Helper, myself or any staff. We're also available for questions or just to say hi in the Teamspeak Helpdesk, so drop by anytime.

Again, welcome!

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