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Ramblings of the deranged [open freq.]

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*Fumbling is heard, as the seemingly insane creature begins to talk in a frightened voice.*

"He-Hello, Talkie, I haven't been able to talk to you in awhile...They took us, the D-Dark Sky or whatever they called themselves...They hit us and beat us and dragged us all around until our knees were raw."


"We have heard you talk before, Talkie, but I never responded...We need your help, please, say something to us talkie."

*Some more ruffling is heard, with heavy breathing and the sound of a radio hitting the ground.*

*Man in the background*: "Get the hell back here, before I shoo-" 

*The radio falls silent.*

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Big brave men beating weaklings? Must be so proud of themselves.

*Merik turns on his radio and picks up his handset*

Hey nutjob, stop crying and either kill them or die, either way make yourself less of a problem.

*Merik sets down his handset*

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